Duster’s “Sweetheart Snackbar” Album Launch: Better Wear Your Duster and Curlers!

Yes that is correct, wear your duster and curlers too so that you can get a special prize! This is according to Rock Ed’s Founder and Executive Director, Gang Badoy. I don’t know if I will come like a homie momma, haha. I’ll probably wear the curlers then I need to gain enough courage to wear the duster. Hehe. Well anyway, I haven’t watched them perform live yet but I have heard their songs already. Now this is my chance to see them live! This is a Rock Ed event so please support.

Duster is a superstar girl band composed of Katwo Puertollano on vocals Kris Gorra-Dancel on guitars, Myrene Academia on bass and Ristalle Bautista on drums.

** photo taken from their Myspace Profile

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