Ely Buendia Returns

Just last Saturday, October 24, Ely Buendia has returned to performing live again just like Superman. He performed live of course with his band, Pupil in Eat Bulaga. After performing “Disconnection Notice” with Pupil, he sang “Superproxy” with Francis M. It was also Francis M.’s first TV performance after recovering from his illness. Both of the OPM icons were very happy that they are back in the live scene again. They even hugged each other after doing “Superproxy”.

This was actually an Ely Buendia filled weekend because after the Eat Bulaga stint his interviews in Startalk and Showbiz Central were shown and then come Sunday, Pupil guested in SOP. Lots of revelations were mentioned by Ely in those interviews especially about the Eraserheads and his relationship with his manager-cum-partner Diane Ventura. Rumor has it that they have ended their relationship but Ely really didn’t answer it directly but instead uttered:

I would not call it ‘Rough’. Everybody has to do what’s best for what you think is best. She is still my manager and she has always been my manager. She has guided me from the very start ever since the Mongols days, up to the Pupil days, up to the reunion. We are very, very good friends and we’re the best of friends. We have a special relationship. She is the mother of my son and there is no person I want to work with or be with now than her.

As for the next Eraserheads reunion, Ely said that it’s already over and that 15 songs are enough. He also mentioned that he has revived his friendship with his former bandmates.

Ely will be doing gigs with his band but not as busy as what he was doing before. He’s trying to get back in shape. Of course the doctors advised him not to be involved in too strenuous activities. I’m happy he’s back and will be watching Pupil’s gig at Club Dredd in Eastwood on November 8th. 🙂

Here are the videos. Enjoy.

** special thanks to DCRJPinoybiscuits03 and yusibear00, videos were grabbed from their Youtube.

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