Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits at the Music Museum Concert Review

Ely Buendia - Music Museum 3

This is the second time that I watched Ely Buendia perform his greatest hits concert. First one was at the Hard Rock Cafe last Aug. 3rd. I didn’t blog about it but photos were uploaded in Flickr. Anyway, We decided to watch this again, expecting to see something new compared to other one.

I’m an Ely Buendia fan, isn’t it obvious? But I believe that the Music Museum gig didn’t turn out what I expected. I personally preferred the Hard Rock gig, I guess because it was the first and the crowd was really game. The intensity was higher in Hard Rock. For first timers who haven’t seen any Ely’s greatest hits concert, would really like the Music Museum gig.

His band was exceptional: Wendell Garcia (on drums), Rommel Sanchez (on guitar), Mayo Baluyut (on bass) together with a 15 piece orchestra. I didn’t have doubt on those people. Ely’s performance was also great. To be honest, this was the best vocal performance of Ely. He’s not the best singer in the country but definitely, this is better than other Ely gigs I watched in my entire life. I wish that there could have been a different arrangement in Ely’s songs. I think that everybody knows how his songs sound and I believe that there is great potential in giving it a different arrangement especially with the presence of the 15 piece orchestra. I kind of expect something like Sugarfree’s concert “Dekada” which was also held at the Music Museum. I particularly loved the version of “Magasin” where it was mostly keyboard accompaniment. Other performances I loved were “Ang Huling El Bimbo” , “Overdrive” and “Wanted Bedspacer” and “Over 18”. The first song, “Alapaap”, was also good – this was the same version with the Hard Rock gig.

Sancho - Music Museum 3

Many felt that the concert was “bitin”. The gig started at around 9:00 pm and ended at 10:30 pm. There were no breaks in between and there’s no encore even though everybody was chanting for more. I guess it was around 18 songs (? will update this once I get the info), mostly Eraserheads songs, 2 from Wanted Bedspacer album and 1 collaboration with Francis M. Nitoy Adriano had an impromptu performance with Ely on the last song, :Ang Huling El Bimbo”. 

Here’s the set list:

  1. Alapaap
  2. Higante
  3. Ligaya
  4. Maling Akala
  5. Santo
  6. Overdrive
  7. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong
  8. Wanted Bedspacer
  9. Over 18
  10. Huwag Kang Matakot
  11. Lightyears
  12. Magasin
  13. Maselang Bahaghari
  14. With a Smile
  15. Wasak Waltz
  16. Tikman
  17. Ang Huling El Bimbo

Ely Buendia - Music Museum 16

Overall, it wasn’t bad. I just expected more. When Ely has this kind of gigs, I suggest you watch at least once. It’s an awesome experience. 🙂

Here’s the entire photo set in Flickr.

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