Ely Buendia’s Levi’s Jacket Finally Signed

Signed Jacket - 2

Remember that I was one of the people who got Ely Buendia’s jacket during the Eraserheads Final Set last March 7? Well, I already asked him to sign my part of it last time during the One for the Roadie event at Mag:Net High Street. I approached him during Peryodiko’s set while he was holding his glass of red wine near the entrance of the bar. He told me that he still has a lot of stocks of that same jacket at home. Of course, him being the Levi’s endorser, definitely he will have lots of it.  Well, this was the only jacket he used during the Final Set concert and not the ones that were kept ;). But the important thing is he’s not really mad about it unlike the people who were totally raving about it.

He signed Karla’s first and when it’s my turn, he ran out of words to say. Of course he used his witty style of writing and wrote there: “Split na tayo”. Haha. He said “Wala na ako maisip eh. Ayaw mo non, at least kahit minsan naging tayo.” I never knew that there was an “us”????? Lol. Ely Buendia never fail to express his wittiness even though he’s not really in a good mood. Anyway, I’m used to that. Plus, mine has a heart and Karla’s jacket doesn’t have one! Hehe.

I’m gonna have it framed probably in the next few weeks. 🙂

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