Eraserheads in Singapore – Lah!

Eraserheads in SG 2013

August 9th, our flight to Singapore via 2P800 – we arrived Singapore at about 1:10 am (it’s already Aug 10th) and only have a few hours to rest. We anticipated to go to the concert venue at 3 pm as we know how these kinds of concerts work especially if you’re in the standing area. Our friend Aileen and husband Jay got a tip that there will only be one entrance for all kinds of tickets. We had a quick roam (and shopping) around Changi City Point at noon and returned to our hotel at Joo Chiat around 2 pm. Had a quick rest, changed to my Team Manila Eraserheads shirt then we headed to the Max Pavillion at Singapore Expo. The venue is just a few minutes away from our hotel.

Miggy and Car seated while queue is getting longer

My Dora self while being interviewed

4:00 pm –ish, there’s already a long queue of Pinoys eager to watch the concert. While in the queue, bumped into old Circus folks such as Levan and Taj. I’ve only known Levan online but have never met him in person. This is our first EB! While Taj on the other hand, took us more than 10 years to see each other again. The last time I remembered we were together was during the Electric Fans event at the 70s Bistro. Whoa. Major flashback. Also, while I was talking to Levan suddenly someone interviewed me (not sure if it’s local media, they’re Pinoy though) and had me sing my favorite Eraserheads song on the spot. I didn’t expect that. Karla’s dad was also interviewed. Not sure though were it will be shown.

Eraserheads in SG 2013Ely Buendia with Sancho in the background

Then the unexpected happened. Aileen and Jay are friends with one of the organizers of the concert (Beyond Photography Productions) and on the last minute, we were given the Meet and Greet passes. These are being sold for SGD 50 which I didn’t intend to buy because I live in Manila and could easily see them in small bar gigs. We are grateful for BPP for giving us those Meet and Greet passes. Story later but first let’s proceed with the gig.

18:00 hours, gates were opened. Karla and I immediately ran towards the Platinum standing area (right side). We were infront of Buddy. Didn’t bother to get the front row fence spots because it’s already at the right most side so we just settled to be at the 2nd row. While the venue is being filled up by Pinoys hungry for Eraserheads, a Singaporean announced that no photo and video were allowed. Everybody ‘booed’ thinking that he’s so kill joy.

The 10 minute countdown (like other Eraserheads reunion concerts) happened and then everybody counted on the last 10 seconds. The band entered the stage and Ely started with the intro riff of “Walang Nagbago”. It felt like I’m high school all over again. I was jumping and singing along. I didn’t really prepare myself by listening to their songs prior the gig but it felt like an involuntary muscle that you can’t help but do because it’s been there all along. The Singaporean didn’t bother to confiscate our cameras anymore because almost everybody was taking photos and videos (although I heard from the Platinum Seated area that the guard is very strict).

They performed 27 songs including the encore. Here’s the set list:

  • Walang Nagbago
  • Maling Akala
  • Back to Me
  • Sembreak
  • Kaliwete
  • Wag Mo Nang Itanong
  • Kailan
  • Spoliarium
  • Overdrive
  • With a Smile
  • Poor Man’s Grave
  • Wag Kang Matakot
  • Julie Tearjerky
  • Lightyears
  • Harana
  • Waiting for the Bus
  • Paru-Parong Ningnang
  • Torpedo
  • Minsan
  • Superproxy
  • Kamasupra
  • Magasin
  • Ang Huling El Bimbo
  • Pare Ko
  • Toyang
  • Alapaap

Not much variation from the original arrangement was done although my favorites were Paru-Parong Ningning (which I very seldom hear and unfamiliar to some), Overdrive (Buddy played the bassline as intro to this song which I really, really love.), Walang Nagbago and Spoliarium. Sancho played additional guitars which I think did a great job. I did not bother to take videos because I really want to enjoy the concert as an audience and not to be obliged to document everything. Taking photos is already an effort for me, making sure that I could get a decent shot. Oh yes, the dichotomy of being a blogger and an audience.

How’s the feeling during the concert? The experience of being in a transcendent state when you don’t think about the people around you – this was what I felt when I was there. This is the kind of feeling that I get whenever I watch a concert of a band that I really, really like whether it’s local or foreign. It’s just music and me. The Eraserheads’ performance as musicians have improved so we are now hearing the cleaner version of their songs.

Eraserheads in SG 2013Marcus Adoro

After the concert, those who have the Meet and Greet passes were asked to queue. We were 7 in our group and they’re only allowing maximum of 5 at a time. We asked permission that we go all together so the band accommodated. We were given posters to have each of the band member sign. Raimund asked “Dumayo pa kayo?” and I said yes while he gave me a hug as a sign of appreciation. We just watched a gig of Dong Abay and the Tanods at the 70’s Bistro the week before the Singapore concert when he played drums while Mark Escueta was away so he remembered. Buddy knew that we were coming since I had a chat with him after the Dong Abay gig. Ely was with his usual self in any autograph signing sessions (:D) but asked me and Karla if we went together (which obviously we were) while Marcus gladly signed my poster. After that we had a group picture taking with them. What I like about this band is that they never forget their long time fans and appreciate the new ones.

Eraserheads in SG 2013Raimund Marasigan

Eraserheads in SG 2013Buddy Zabala

The concert was a blast. The crowd was fun, the sounds were amazing and it was the coldest Eraserheads concert I’ve watched (cold aircon :D). We all headed to Changi Airport to finally have dinner. Karla and I stood up for almost 8 hours (from waiting in line, during the concert and queuing for the Meet and Greet) but it was all worth it.

Again, thank you and congratulations to Beyond Photography Productions. You are awesome! 🙂

Here’s the complete set of my photos in Flickr.

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