Eraserheads Reunion Concert 083008 was cut short due to Ely’s poor health


For the people who know me, you all know that the Eraserheads has been an important part of my life and I will never ever let this pass. You all know how I profess my love for this band. And now here is a blow by blow account of my experience there and also some juicy news 🙂

I prepared all the gig paraphernalia I need for an open air concert: a malong ( to serve as our mat while waiting for the show to start), alcohol ( you know, for hygenic purposes), tissue, towel and caps. About 3:00 pm we’re already at the MRT Ayala station going to the Fort bus, fans were already lining up to take the bus. Karla and I arrived the Fort area at 3:30 pm. There are already signs around the area giving directions to where the show will be held.

( Eraserhead? typo error that was not even corrected grr! Eraserhead was David Lynch’s movie)

Anyway, Karla and I walked, passed that erroneous sign and headed to the left entrance of the stage. We looked for the entrance for VIP. We looked for our names on the list and then we headed to security. They attached green tags for us ( while for the people in the SVIP section had the gold tag, like the golden ticket 🙂 )

We were the first 2 people there on the left VIP section ( the VIP sections has 2 areas the other one’s on the right). Right infront of us were the SVIPs, people there were the band people, friends and relatives of the band and the producers. The only difference between us VIPs from them is that they have food and drinks for us, we need to buy. Hehe. That’s alright, our place is still near the stage so it doesn’t really matter.

( this is how near we are sa stage, the crew were setting up the guitars on stage. The people you see there are actually Marcus’ entourage in the SVIP area)

( here’s King, one my closest friends in UP)

( this is with Karla)

We were waiting for the time and more and more people were entering ( most from the right entrance actually). I actually went around just to see the area. There were concessionaires there and cds of the eheads were being sold.

( this is the patron area)

I saw some of my friends from different areas of the concert venue. My UP KMS friends and St. Scho friends. It’s really hard to divide myself when I have to meet and talk to them, gosh. Eventually my friends came, King, Tonton and Jomz and all of us where in the same area so we are together on the same spot.As we were waiting for the time, we were also spotting popular people in the SVIP area. Here are some of them and actually got the chance to take a picture with some of them 🙂

( Dong Abay of  Yano and Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms)

( King, Karla, Sha, Kelvin of Itchyworms, Jomz and Tonton)

( Francis Brew of The Dawn)

( Yan Yuzon and Wendell Garcia of Pupil being interviewed by media)

( Me and Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree)

We’re actually like in the red carpet and I was calling some band people to take a picture of them Hehe. Papparazzi shots. lolz. Others whom I was not able to take pictures were Quark Henares of Blast Ople, Tim of Imago, Zach Lucero of Imago, Lougee of Delara ( formerly Mojofly), Karin Araneta, Jessica Zafra, Julie Pacanas ( former roadie of Eheads) and many more. Anyway, the countdown begins. The countdown was being flashed in the big screen, the longest 10 minutes of my life. Shux.

Then it’s down to the last few seconds, Ely, Buddy, Raimund and Marcus rose to the stage ( elevation woohoo!). Ely was sitting down, Buddy was wearing a white jacket, Raymund was wearing his wig ( just to mimick his hair during the Ultraelectromagneticpop days) and Marcus was just cool as he is. First song was Alapaap and fireworks were displayed. Super awesome! I was crying while they were playing the intro, literally I was crying. I just found myself shaking and crying. This is a very nostalgic moment for me. I just can’t believe they’re playing together as a band just for a night. Although I see them in separate gigs with their respective bands, it’s still different when you’re seeing them actually playing together. Also while performing, I noticed that Buddy was kind of nervous ( I think all of them) probably overwhelmed by the presence of more than 40,000 people in the audience.

Here’s the list of songs performed:

  • Alapaap
  • Ligaya
  • Sembreak
  • Hey Jay
  • Harana
  • Fruitcake
  • Toyang
  • Kamasupra
  • Kailan
  • Wag Kang Matakot
  • Kaliwete
  • With a Smile
  • Shake Yer Head
  • Huwag Mo Nang Itanong
  • Lightyears

That was the first set of the concert. Lightyears was very dramatic, I could feel his emotion as he was singing this song. I felt that he cried. This might be his song for his mom, as what was reported a few days ago his mom died due to cardiac arest.

Doesn’t really matter where you are, however near you’re still so far

‘Cause you’re lightyears away, lightyears away from me.

There was a 20 minute break then suddenly the rest of the Eheads went onstage with Lally Buendia, Ely Buendia’s younger sister. Buddy spoke first introducing Lally Buendia then Raimund spoke about a very important news. Lally read a prepared speech for everyone announcing:

Thank you everyone for supporting the reunion of the eraserheads. We however regret to inform you that due to my brother’s poor health because of the emotional and physical stress that he has been experiencing, we apologize for cutting the concert short. My brother had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Again we apologize and thank you all of you for coming here tonight.

I was in shock and immediately thought of how he is. I am already feeling that he is not feeling well while he was performing the last few songs for the set. The promoters were also onstage and led a moment of silence to pray for Ely Buendia. Everyone clapped for the Eraserheads. This was supposed to be the second set ( from the Eheads Mailing list):

  • maskara
  • poorman’s grave
  • torpedo
  • trip to jerusalem
  • back to me
  • maselang bahaghari
  • maling akala
  • tikman
  • spoliarium
  • magasin
  • para sa masa
  • overdrive
  • pare ko
  • minsan
  • huling el bimbo

The second set would’ve been a very cool set. Even though the concert was cut short, it’s alright because I got to see them perform onstage altogether. That’s enough for me. As of last night, Ely Buendia is alright. That’s good to know. I perfectly understand what happened, probably hoping for another reunion but as of the moment this is enough for me.

According to Jim Ayson’s and other sources as well,  soundcheck happened around midnight last night until 2-3 am. Probably Ely was really stressed. Imagine, all the things that happened this week. It really is. It was even reported that was already dead. Read the blog of Jessica Zafra for some witty details 🙂

On a lighter note, they were treated as rockstars, checked in five star hotels the night before the gig and even had their own chauffers to drive them to the gig. They really deserve this. Here’s an email of Raymund Marasigan to the Pedicab, Sandwich and Cambio Mailing Lists:

From: raymund marasigan

Subject: [pedicab-padyak] getting ready

Date: Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 12:40 PM

hey kids

its been unbelievably crazy these past few days. i taped a few
tugtugan episodes with pedicab and rivermaya, taped a pedicab myx live
episode, played a cambio gig in route 196 ,paid our respects to tita
lizette, played a sandwich gig in up manila,finish mixing the duster
album and take care of last minute production details.

marilou and r.a. treated me to something green and hairy.
maps played imago and duster gigs.
tarikim skipped school.i gave tix to the teachers haha.

i love my job. i thank God for this opportunity and blessing.

we had soundcheck midnight last night. my drum kit was tuned and
inspected by cholo of ernville and mike d. thanx for the cymbals cholo

i got jamie and the sherps mickey, tel and jerry as my crew.

brand new dad darwin was there. soupstar’s got a new baby in the family.

a few friends dropped by. the ichyworms, pupil, mark maya and aia,
sinosikat, direk quark, erwin romulo, direk marie, and then some.

i’m a bit embarrassed were getting super rockstar treatment. we’re
checked in a five star hotel, assigned a chauffeured van each,
personal bodyguards (which i refused until later tonight) and we can
actually raid the mini bar haha(after 20 years in rock n roll).

i didn’t get enough sleep. for the first time i’m actually excited
about the concert. went to the gym to sweat out last night’s beer.
i’m having bacon eggs and fruits in the room as i’m typing this.

earnest just dropped veda off. the kids are trashing the room. ill get
a massage when they go swimming.

i can’t wait to play. i’ll see you all tonight.

be safe


Also as of this moment, Buddy, Raymund and Marcus are in Myx. Raymund said that they will definitely do it again and that’s a promise.

Still reading some more emails about insider stories. Will update this blog when I hear some juicy news 🙂

By the way, thanks to Marcus Adoro for the VIP access! You rock!

Long Live The Eraserheads!

*** some acknowledgements: some pics were grabbed from, most of the photos were taken by Karla Redor

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