Eraserheads Reunion Gig Updates 2

update: read Jim Ayson’s post in confirming Phillip Morris as the Sponsor of the Eraserheads Reunion gig.

It’s already August and I am really getting impatient on how to get the tickets for this gig. Just recently read Azrael’s blog post today and also got to read his disappointment for the long wait. I recently checked Karla’s profile in ( well, I couldn’t remember my user name so I checked hers instead šŸ™‚ ) and still the same page is still appearing ( That Michael Buhay winning a Ducati 848 hehe). According to some Circus Mailing Listers, when they called the Marlboro Hotline, they were informed that the official announcement for the Eraserheads concert will be announced today. Meaning, the phone representatives themselves had already confirmed that it is indeed them who will be sponsoring this event.

Here are some of this points he discussed:

1) The CEO of Phillip Morris have already owned up the ‘promotional event’ that will happen in CCP ( letter was sent to Howie Severino’s Blog:

Please be advised that the promotional event you refer to is an invitation-only event, not open to the general public. It is restricted to our trade partners and to adult smokers who can obtain an invitation by registering on our adult-only access website… Invitations cannot be purchased and are not transferable.

This ‘promotional event’ is being referred to the Eraserheads reunion gig that will happen on August 30, 2008 at the CCP Grounds.

2) It’s still not clear as to how long the set will be, if it will be a 45 minute set or a much longer set. As far as I can remember, quoting Ely Buendia from the recent TV interview that it won’t be a short set.

3) As for Carlos Conde, I didn’t like what he said on his blog about the Eraserheads. He has some points that are correct and I am understanding his orientation ( duhhhhh I’m a sociology major). But hey, I am a fan and I don’t think that I am not an unintelligent fan. But I have to work my pragmatic mind about this. Hehe. That’s his opinion. If you haven’t read his article about him trashing the Eraserheads gig, just read his blog.

So all I have to say is be patient. Hayy..

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