Eraserheads Reunion Gig Updates 3: The band practice, official announcements, new rumors?

As August 30th comes nearer and nearer every Eheads fan is slowly melting down because until now the announcement of where to get the tickets is still not being revealed. Everybody relies on the Eheads mailing list ( or Circus) for any infos, rumor or official announcements. As for the people who are not included in the mailing list, I’ll be summarizing some of the latest happenings and rumors?? about the upcoming event.

1) The Eraserheads had already started their first band practice eversince the band broke up. Here’s an account of what happened from Raymund Marasigan ( from the Sandwich Mailing List):

[subsandwich] 1st practice Date: 8/6/2008 8:18:24 A.M. Pacific Daylight

last monday the erserheads met and rehearsed for the first time.

nobody knew what to expect. it was a little uncomfortable since we
havent communicated for a long time. but im pleased to announce that
the band was playing better than i ever remembered. i guess we all did
our homework haha.

i wont say how many songs we finished but it was a lot. there was a
lot of drums and no drama.


Also, in Marcus Adoro’s Multiply site, he commented what Raymund blogged about:

yeah, ganun nga nangyari, parang walang nangyare. hahaha. At one point during the start of the rehearsal Ely smiled and looked at me and said “Di ba “Futuristic” ang first song?”. I requested for that song to be the first song as a sort of inside inside joke pero kami lang yata dalawa nakagets hehehe. So it was scratched and replaced with a more deserving number. I have new gears na hindi ko pa napag-aaralan gamitin so everything was stripped down to a clean sounding guitar at distorted guitar. saka ko na iload yun mga jumbo jets.

2) For some of you who have been reading anti-Eheads reunion gig blogs due to Phillip Morris ‘sponsoring’ the event ( according to them, they’re not sponsoring the event they are the ‘promoters’ of the event), one name was popularized even more ( especially for the Eheads fans inside or outside the mailing list) whose name is Carlos Conde ( a.k.a. Caloy Conde). According to him, he is being ‘virtually crucified’ because of what he said in his blog about the Eraserheads Reunion gig sucks ( as what his title shows). He actually sent an apology letter probably because of the hate mails he has been receiving:


I feel a bit like Daniel right now. But I feel I have to do this.

When I blogged about the Eraserheads reunion concert, I wasn’t out looking
for a fight. The rumors of the concert bothered me, so, like many bloggers,
I blogged about it.

In hindsight, I admit that the tone of my post was judgmental on the
Eraserheads. Although I have nothing but admiration for the band and, in
fact, made clear in my original post that they deserve whatever money they
can get from their sponsors, I judged them rather swiftly. For this, I
apologize to the members of the Eraserheads.

I apologize, too, to the fans that were offended by my posts and my
comments. I had no intention of ridiculing you or of condescending toward
you. A lot of this animosity ( all the “gago,” “ejerks” terms and other
offensive language) sprung from the reactions to my post. I felt that I was
just responding in kind. In hindsight, of course, I should have known

I also didn’t set out to propagate my anti-smoking advocacy. Truth be told,
I didn’t have such an advocacy prior to this. (Four of five years ago, I
tried smoking (Marlboro). Thankfully, the habit didn’t stick.) I thought I
was just blogging. I expected reactions, of course, but was befuddled by the
level of vitriol that I got through the comments section of and

In any case, because of this issue, I got interested even more in the
behavior of tobacco companies. So now, I sound like an anti-tobacco
advocate. Not that I’m apologizing for this position. I’m not. I still
believe that Philip Morris is manipulating the public and I wish that the
Eheads were in a position to ignore the company’s offer.

I intend to continue blogging about the involvement of Philip Morris in all
this and I’m certain that many of you will not share my position. But that’s
just the way it works, right?

Again, my sincerest apologies to those who were offended by the tone and
language in my posts and comments.

Caloy Conde

In my opinion, it was just an issue of language. He just has to use the correct words to express his intentions. Apology accepted 🙂 . Peace tayo pare.

3) According to some sources, aspiring fans ( who are 18 and above) who would want to watch the Eraserheads reunion gig would have to collect 20 empty packs of Phillip Morris cigarettes. This is aside from signing up in Well, I hope I don’t need to collect, because I don’t collect packs I usually throw it away ( I’m also beginning to stop smoking 😉 )

4) Also, the event will not be held at the CCP Grounds anymore, it will be held at the Fort Bonifacio Open Grounds.

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