Eraserheads Reunion Gig Updates

Is it really confirmed? 

YES, it is already confirmed in the media by Ely Buendia ( from the you tube link above) and by Raymund Marasigan:

From: raymund marasigan
Subject: [cambiolist] eraserheads
To: cambiolist@yahoogro
Date: Sunday, 20 July, 2008, 10:43 AM

dear sandwich, cambio and pedicab listers

yes there will be an eraserheads concert

yes im playing drums

it will be on august 30

i havent met the band

and we havent rehearsed as a group

im thinking that will all happen in august

im sure you have read the blogs and newspapers and whatnot.

a lot of things there are not true.

at the moment

the final venue has not been confirmed.

and the promoters are still dealing with the tickets and crowd control


the promoters promise to answer these questions soon. maybe this

coming week so standby.

there will be no front acts.

it will be a long set.

no theres no talk of an album or tour.

please dont email me privately. ill answer your questions (if theyre

not silly) in the cambio, pedicab sandwich mailing lists.

have a good weekend

rayms marasigan

One of the Eheads listers, Jiggs was able to chat with Buddy at Mugen Bar in Metrowalk a few nights ago and he was also able to confirm it with him.

Who is the sponsor? 

It’s not yet confirmed if it’s really the tobacco company ( let’s just have a secret code M**lboro 🙂 ). The thing we are sure of is that this event is strictly for 18 years old and above. 

Where to get the tickets? 

Again, it’s not yet confirmed where to claim the tickets. Someone from the Eheads mailing list posted a link claiming that he/she has already gotten the tickets. Not sure about that.

The talent fee?

We don’t know yet. But why bother? hehe. We don’t care if they got 2M or 10M. Well, they deserved to be paid. What’s important is that they’re going to perform.

Are they friends?
Ely had already mentioned that his relationship with the rest of the guys are now ok. From what I personally saw before during gigs wherein their respective bands perform in a single event, they would be civil with each other. Well, we’ll see it when they perform live. I believe that we, as an audience, will see that. 🙂


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