Feeling Krung Krung

I am feeling krung krung period. For those who do not know what it means, it’s defined as: a state of feeling one undergoes when he/she is out of her ‘normal’ state. Well that’s how I define it, I don’t know for others. I don’t really know why I am feeling this, probably I am just PMS-ing. I don’t know. I am feeling bored. I want to do many things, so little time ( and too expensive 🙂 ). This morning I woke up from a 17 hour sleep ( I didn’t go to work last night) and suddenly craved for breakfast buffet in ‘Something Fishy’. Since I couldn’t drag Karla all the way from Parañaque, I dragged my mom to come along with me. So we went to Eastwood and ate the breakfast buffet. I really got so full hehe. We arrived there about 9:40 am and they’re about to clean up since the buffet is only until 10. After being the last customers there, we walked around the quiet Eastwood then headed to Cubao. Mom was going to her Church, and as for me ( who is not really into religious things) I went to Gateway Cubao and hung out in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This time I was alone. I remember the times when I would be feeling this and this coffee shop is always the place I seek refuge. I am usually alone whenever I go to this coffee shop.

Probably I am bored.

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