Femme Fronted Bands’ Albums To Be Released Soon: Up Dharma Down and Domino

Up Dharma Down 1

Two female fronted bands will be releasing their albums soon.

Up Dharma Down’s 3rd album entitled “Capabilities” will be released and launched on November 28th 2012 at the Esplanade, Pasay City. Unfortunately, I would not be able to attend (boo!) but I know it will be fun. I know the band has come a long way but it took some time before they could release a new album. Bipolar” was launched in 2008 at the Hexagon Lounge and now they’re launching their album at the Esplanade?! Wow.  The first single “Turn It Well” is already enjoying its airtime at Jam 88.3 :). 

Domino 3

On the other hand, Lally Buendia (a.k.a Domino) will be releasing her album soon. I was able to catch her perform at the 70’s Bistro last month and heard some new tracks from her new album. This album is 10 years in the making. “Fair Tales” was released in 2002 (yes, I was in college then)! The first single from the new album is “I Love You But I’m Driving” is also being played at Jam 88.3. If you can’t wait for the album, you can already download the single from MyMusicStore for only PHP 25.

OPM is dead? Nah…

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