Finally Touched the Eraserheads “The Heads Set”! I FINALLY OWN ONE NOW!

The Heads Set book

ETO NA ANG PINAKAHIHINTAY NATING MGA ERASERHEADS FANS!  I cannot explain how I feel right now but I am super f*cking happy that I’ve actually held the Eraserheads Boxed Set! Karla and I rushed to Juned’s house earlier at 10 pm just to personally see the the entire Eraserheads The Heads Set (the official title). Apparently, Greenwich had an event earlier and raffled off some of these (I think it’s 5) to the press and bloggers. Our good friend, Juned, was one of the lucky winners of this and Karla and I didn’t think twice to invade his house at this hour. Hindi kami fanatic no?

It’s not ours but we already have already asked the other blogger winner to reserve it for us because we will buy it. We wanna be one of the first ones to have the heads set before it’s actually released in the market. 😉

Eraserheads CDs in the Heads Set

The Eraserheads The Heads Set contains:

  • 11 CDs 10 cds – all the albums of the Eheads plus the Pop-U-Mentary (DVD) and Dirty Little Treasures (compilation of all the Eheads songs that were not included in any albums like ‘Casa Fantastica’, ‘Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka’, etc…
  • The Eraserheads Heads Set T-Shirt – this is free size
  • The Eraserheads Heads Set book

Me with the Eraserheads The Heads Set

According to our blogger friends who were there, you may get The Heads Set at a lower cost if you purchase something from Greenwich. It’s not confirmed yet on what you need to purchase and how much the entire set will be when it’s already sold in the market. I’ll definitely update this blog post when I get the details.

Karla and Juned with the The Heads Set

Also visit Karla’s blog about this exciting news! She’s got more pictures but I got the video. Hehe.

*** UPDATES! *** The Limited Edition Eraserheads Boxed Set will be released on SEPTEMBER 6, 2010 on SELECTED GREENWICH OUTLETS IN METRO MANILA. I repeat, this is only LIMITED. You may have to purchase 6 boxes of pizzas to get the Boxed Set for free.

***UPDATES! ***

RT @harold_geronimo: Free ERASERHEADS Headset + 10 CDs & Shirt at Greenwich stores for purchase of 6 pizza packages or u can buy it at P2,500 w/ meal purchase. –>from GREENWICH PR.

***UPDATES 2***

Greenwich has changed the mechanics on how you can avail this limited edition Eraserheads Boxed Set. There are 2 options:
1) The most expensive route:
Buy 3 Overloaded Pizzas and 3 pitchers of softdrinks for Php 1,500 + 3 Bigatin Meals (a pizza, 4 pieces of chicken and 2 spaghetti) for Php 1,800 ++ so all in all it’s Php 3,300 ++ and you get the Boxed set for free.

2) Slightly cheaper than the 1st option:
Buy 1 Bigatin Meal (1 Double Thin Crust Overloaded Pizza + 4 pieces chicken + 2 spaghetti + rice and 1 softdrink pitcher then you’ll get the Eraserheads Boxed Set for only Php 2,499.

3) Collect and Own:
Get an Eheads Card from Greenwich Stores then all you have to do is just collect 6 Eheads stickers then you’ll get the Boxed set.

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