Gary Granada vs. GMA 7: Copyright Issues

Gary Granada, an established composer and lyricist in the Philippines, complained about the illegal use of his music by GMA Kapuso Foundation and Procter and Gamble. If you have been watching the GMA 7 recently, they are already airing the jingle (with Mel Tiangco as the lead character). Listen to the recording above to understand why Gary Granada is upset about it. You don’t need to be a music major to understand where he is coming from.

After listening to it, again the issue of intellectual property rights comes to mind. Why do some people have problems in acknowledging other people’s work? Is that so hard to do? Why do people STEAL other people’s work? Probably some people are too ashamed to admit that they are not knowledgeable about it or probably it’s just plain LAZINESS.

As a young student, my teachers would always remind me to be conscious in citing other people’s work. When I was in college (just a few years back), I was accused of intellectual dishonesty which almost expelled me from the university. I did not realize then that I interchanged the authors’ names on the books/articles I cited in an exam. (For example, book 1’s author is ANG and book 2’s author is BANG. I interchanged the authors and it resulted to Book 1:BANG and Book 2:ANG). It was a plain mistake but my professor then was very particular with intellectual dishonesty. I understood where she’s coming from because in the academic field, it is very important to CORRECTLY cite the references used. I apologized and told her that it was just a plain mistake then she gave me a warning and be very careful next time. I admitted that I was wrong and it’s easy to do. After that incident, I became more conscious of citing my references. Most students (and even adults) these days are very lazy to to do that (and they actually get away with it).

Acknowledging someone’s work is very basic. Without acknowledging it becomes STEALING whether you did it unintentionally. GMA should know that because they are in the industry wherein they do researches for their news reports or features that are publicly shown. I know that they are very particular if their work is being used by external individuals. They should know the feeling of being “robbed”; they even have lawyers to run after those people who steal their work. The giant is trying to ABUSE a powerless individual.

Just recently, Enrico Dee’s (travel blogger and photographer) photographs of the Dinagyang Festival were used illegally by Panay News ( a local newspaper in Iloilo). These media individuals should be taught a lesson. Even a PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT WEBSITE used his photo without permission in the main banner of the website. Tsk Tsk, what a shame!

Where is justice here? These people work so hard just to do their craft and people just STEAL from them.

Let’s support Gary Granada by reposting the recording to your blogs or any social networking sites. For any assistance and comments about his complaint, you may email him at It’s not only Gary Granada who needs our help, if you know anyone who steals an artist’s work and makes it their own (like what happened to a fellow blogger), expose them.

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