Gin Blossoms Songs I Want to Hear Live When They Perform Here in Manila

I grew up with the 90’s music scene and one of my favorite bands during this era was Gin Blossoms. I bet you’ve already heard the news that they’ll be coming to Manila and Cebu but all I can say is… wahhh!!!!! I wanna watch! They’ll be performing at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu on November 19 and will be at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila on November 20. How I wish I can watch. I wonder how much the tickets will be? No details on the price of the tickets but definitely will update this blog post when I get to know how much it’ll be.

It’s back to the 90’s!

Whenever I hear Gin Blossoms, the movie Empire Records definitely comes to mind. Who would not forget the song “Til I Hear It From You”? I even learned to play this with my guitar and jammed with my friends. I definitely want to hear this live. Here are the other songs that I wanna see and hear live:

  • As Long As It Matters
  • Hey Jealousy
  • Found Out About You
  • Follow You Down
  • Allison Road

I heard they’ve got a new album coming up entitled “No Chocolate Cake” which will be released on September 2010. I bet they’ll be performing some of the new songs when they come here. You can listen to the clips of their new songs here.

It feels good that more and more 90’s bands are coming here in Manila. Hope there’s more!

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