Goodbye Sugarfree: Paalam Pilipinas Farewell Concert

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For the very last time, I watched Sugarfree perform live. Everybody shared their sentiments about the band’s break-up both online and offline. The band played their very last performance at the Eastwood Central Plaza on March 1, 2011. One month was given to the fans to opportunity to watch their last performances in different rock joints in Manila such as Route 196, Sazi’s, 70’s Bistro, Checkpoint, Saguijo and 19 East. I was able to see them in Saguijo last Feb 10th however only got the chance to view them from the window while hugging the post outside. It was jam-packed and hugging the post was my only opportunity to see them.

Saguijo - Sugarfree

The one month, to me was the acceptance stage of the band’s break-up. If Sugarfree was a lover, it is the perfect lover for many of us because they give closure to their partners and don’t keep them hanging at mid-air. Shucks, Sugarfree sure knows how release the inner emo in me. Days passed by and as the final gig approached, I prepared myself to leave the office early and strategized to get to the very front of the stage. Karla and I arrived at around 3:30 pm and saw Sugarfree already starting their soundcheck. Once the band finished soundcheck at 6:00 pm, they allowed the audience come closer to the stage. We ran towards the railings and made sure not to leave our very precious spot. Hours passed by and the gig officially started at 9:00 pm. The set list was taped on the floor. I already knew the order of the songs that they are going to play.

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Here’s the list of the songs they performed on the final gig:

1st Set:
Hay Buhay
Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin
Fade Away
Feels Like
Kandila (with Chino Singson of Silent Sanctuary on violin)

2nd Set
Dear Kuya
Wag Ka ng Umiyak

3rd Set
Ikaw Pala
Wala nang Hihilingin
Makita Kang Muli
Hari ng SAblay

4th Set
Unang Araw
Tulog Na

Finale – Burnout

Sugarfree Paalam Pilipinas-6
Roanna, DJ from Jam 88.3 introduced the person who will introduce the band. It was Quark Henares, who was tasked to introduce Sugarfree. The reason he was tasked to introduce the band is because he was the one who introduced Sugarfree on the album launch of “Sa Wakas”.

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The band performed their very best during the show. Ebe was as passionate and as energetic as he has ever been. Each of them had the opportunity to speak on the mic and have short messages to all their fans. Kaka almost broke into tears but held it as he was talking on the mic. Jal was becoming serious as he does the spiels in between breaks. Mitch, the former drummer of Sugarfree, was there and performed with the band.

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The sky was crying almost all throughout the show and the rains didn’t matter for the fans. As the band performed their very last song “Burnout”, everybody felt the sincerity of what this band is all about. Sugarfree is and will forever be grateful for the fans who listened to them all these years.

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Each Sugarfree fan who was there in Eastwood (and even those who weren’t there but in spirit), was touched by a song or couple of songs by Sugarfree. Their songs are somewhat a soundtrack of our relationships whether it’s platonic or romantic kind of love. Thank you, Sugarfree for being the soundtrack of my college life. You will never be forgotten.

* please check my Sugarfree Paalam Pilipinas photo set in Flickr.

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