Graphic Artist Beaten Up by Raymund Marasigan?

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Ex-Eraserheads drummer, Raymund Marasigan, was accused by a graphic artist/photographer of beating him up during the FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women event held last night at the World Trade Center. The news was reported at GMA 7’s morning show Unang Hirit.

According to the graphic artist/photographer, he was taking photos of the models while Sandwich was performing then, allegedly Raymund poured water of their group. He said that Raymund might have been upset because they were not focused on the band performing. He also said that Raymund allegedly hit him and then Mike Dizon helped beating the sh*t out of him. Until now Raymund has not released any statements regarding this matter. I just hope that this will just be a minor misunderstanding and be settled at once.

** update:
GMA 7 reported that Raymund Mauled a FAN then changed it to GRAPHIC ARTIST.
Informants say that the guy made a dirty finger at Raymund Marasigan.

**update 2:
Name of ‘victim’: Eric Encinares

**update 3
Mike Dizon denies the accusations of Encinares. He said in a phone patch interview in Balitanghali:

Ang totoo siya yung nambabastos tapos kinonfront namin siya after the set. May commotion, inescort sya ng bouncers palabas. Pero walang nabugbog [The truth is, he was the one offending us so we confronted him after the set. There was a commotion, and he was escorted outside. But no one was beaten up,

Willing [kaming] kausapin siya. I’m sure pagbalik namin galing probinsya magkakausap lahat lahat [We’re willing to talk to him. I’m sure when we return from the province everyone can discuss this],” said the drummer.

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