Great Musical Fusion at the Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour

The Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour happened last April 17, 2009. The highlight of the event was the awesome collaboration of Nyco Maca and Cynthia Alexander. By the way, they will be the Philippine representatives to the Jack Daniel’s Music Event to be held in Singapore on May 2009. The event was by invitation only (thanks to Chris Ramos for the tickets! 😉 ). There were some familiar faces in the crowd; fellow gig-goers in Saguijo and other joints for local bands.

I was there around 9 pm and of course it wouldn’t start at once since it’s too early so while waiting for the crowd to fill up, DJ Ralph Roy of Circa provided the house music for everyone to chill out. Moving on, the first band started to play and didn’t even mention their name during their set. The band’s name is Hiway 69 which played great music. It set the mood for the audience. I was just able to get to know their name at the middle of the show.  😉 . The hosts (Sib Lucero and a girl who I didn’t hear the name) of the show appeared after the first band. The girl host was onstage with topless men while Sib was on the side stage with the Hooter girls. I recognized one of the topless men with tie on the neck: he was one of the bouncers in the Eraserheads Reunion Concert last August 2008. Next band that performed was KO Jones which played classic rock.  Great set as well.

Corporate Lo-Fi was next and was actually excited to finally see them perform. I have heard great reviews about this band and I wasn’t wrong in believing those. Corporate Lo-Fi is a 9-member band (wow that’s a lot) composed of Kelvin Yu (bass), Rye Armamento (vocals), Kakoy Legaspi (guitars), Kaka Quisumbing (Drums), Marcus Nada (vocals), Richie Gonzaga (trumpet), Roxy Modesto (baritone saxophone), Justin Sunico (guitars) and Leo (keyboards). They’re no newbie in the local scene they came from bands like Itchyworms, Sugarfree, Bagetsafonik, Indio I, Ciudad, Peryodiko, and a lot lot more. The band’s sound is a mixture of hip hop and funk. They have just released their album last March and is available through their gigs, itunes and Amazon. Watch the video below of Corporate Lo-Fi performing their first song:

Taken by Cars was next. It has been a long time since I’ve seen this band though I see Sarah in non-music situations 🙂 . Carlos Tañada of Up Dharma Down sessioned for TBC that night. Here’s a video of their performance:

After Taken by Cars, the hosts took a lot of air time just to keep the audience interested. We could already see Cynthia Alexander, Nyco Macca and Playground setting up onstage. So while they were setting up, hosts were asked to interview some of the popular figures in the local music scene such as Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms, Sarah Marco of Taken By Cars, Kakoy Legaspi of Peryodiko and Corporate Lo-fi and Kevin Roy of of Razorback.

(apologies, i’m just using my camera phone here 😉 , Sarah Marco and Jugs Jugueta at the middle of the hosts)

(Kevin Roy and Kakoy Legaspi with the hosts)

Everybody was looking forward to the killer collaboration of Nyco Maca and Cynthia Alexander.  I was completely amazed with their set. The jazzy-hiphop and soulful sounds of Nyco Maca with Playground combined with Cynthia Alexander and her band’s acoustic and ethnic sound. It was truly a magical experience seeing these two great artists together. You will be truly proud to be a Filipino with these two acts joined together. Watch the video below to see how great they are:

After that breath-taking performance,  the hosts need to stretch the time so the production staff wrote this message:

(Karla and I were literally infront of the hosts so when the left, I took a picture of this as it was just lying on top of the DJ machine thingies (apologies, don’t know what it’s called ; ) . )

So there, pirates were actually there.

The last two acts, Urbandub and Razorback of course rocked the whole NBC tent. My body ached for days because I was jumping then. It was weird because this isn’t the first time I stood up for more than 4 hours. Oh well. It was really a great musical fusion. I just realized that the bands that performed that night were from different genres that would make you realize how diversified Filipino music is.

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