Here’s a toast to a new life

Well, it’s been a long time since i blogged. 48 yrs na nung huli.. i don’t know if anyone cares abt what i think but what the heck! For as long as I can type 85 words per min and you’re slow in typing hahaha.. But does my mind process fast as my fingers can? hmmm bahala na.

So, what’s new with me? hmm, I have a new multiply ( apart fr the multiply w my ex). wala lng, just a symbolic action that we got separated. Does that need a symbolic action? heller.. So there, we broke up. She broke up w me. Well, I don’t wanna bash her here bec there’s no bad thing to say naman eh. I believe rationality prevailed when we broke up. No dramas. No “I hate you, hayup ka!!!!” Walang ganong drama. Well maybe that is the reason I don’t even cry. Yes, i feel sad abt it but I don’t really cry. When I’m at work, i am focused on being the employee of the mth.. hehe.. That’s what my colleagues say, they know that I am supposed to be undergoing emotional breakdowns. I read lesbian fiction, go out w friends and meet new ppl esp lesbians in the workplace. Well of course, i still feel sad. The moment i go home, lie down in my bed I think of her, yeah that’s normal. That’s why I don’t wanna be alone, i shd be either busy or talking to another person.

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