Holy week overnight getaway in Laiya, San Juan Batangas

I think this is too late but I still would want to blog about this. Last Holy Wed-Thur, I went to San, Juan Batangas with Karla, Jhomz, Precious, LG and Vien. It wasn’t really meant to be a week long holiday since all of us ( except Karla) works in a call center, therefore we don’t have the regular holidays like “normal” people in the labor force do. It was really our rest days. We left Manila (well actually Alabang) at about 5 pm, then arrived at San Juan, Batangas at about 10 pm. We stayed in the house of Vien’s Grandma. It was a tiring trip but we still wanna have the booze and drank a bottle of tequila and some beers. I just had one beer after the tequila while the rest of them still continued to drink beers. Karla and I escaped in the drinking session and decided to sleep early instead ( the good thing is that we were first in the bed! hehe ).

It was already morning, I realized the sun was already shining. I was able to see the place much better since we arrived at night you really couldn’t see anything. It was really rural, literally. Well it isn’t my first time to go this kind of place, my mom’s provice is somewhat like that ( Tablas, Romblon). After breakfast, we went to a coconut farm just to eat fresh coconut meat and coconut juice.

We headed our way to Laiya, Batangas ( also in San Juan) to go to the beach. It was about an hour drive from the place we spent the night in. We stayed in White Cove Laiya Resort. Spent about 125 bucks per head as the entrance, then we paid for the cottage which is about 800 bucks and we didn’t really had any food brought in so we just ate lunch at the resort restaurant. One thing I could say about the beach is that it’s clean ( and also the resort). That’s what’s really important for me. Though the sand isn’t that white ( it’s in white-brown.. is it cream? hehe),the place was clean and the water was clean; no remnants of sea trash. It was low tide then so for those of you who don’t really wanna swim just wanna have a dip this is the place to be.. I really enjoyed it because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the beach. I felt that this is my first rest after college graduation. I actually never experienced having a vacation ever since I started working 2 years ago. I just wanna be alone then with my loved one, savor each moment that we’re togeher and keep it in my long term memory. It was special for us since this our first out of town trip as well as a couple and is also my first real out of town trip with someone. Meaning, I felt that I am with someone and not just busy hanging out with her friends. Even though it was just a day, it was a peaceful getaway, away from the busy urban jungle named Makati. We left the beach at about 7 pm then had dinner at a local eatery to eat their special Lomi. We arrived in Manila at about 11 pm. It was a tiring trip but I went home with Karla in Parañaque. My officemates were excited to see the pictures so we uploaded it here at once.

here are the pix:

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