How Would the Eraserheads Sound Like in 2014? Here you go.

Esquire Eraserheads

It’s all sinking in now. It’s all sinking in. When the news broke out that Eraserheads will be releasing 2 new songs, I was confined for a week in the hospital. Feeling helpless, I couldn’t get out of my way to scour stores for Esquire. My partner Karla was already calling each bookstore to reserve and finally today she was able to get a copy for me.

I heard the songs while I was in the hospital on September 2nd, streaming live from Jam 88.3 at 7:00 in the morning. I was happy but because I felt a little bit weak because of the dextrose in my veins, I was thinking, is this real? The reality sunk in when I was released in the hospital today, Saturday. At Karla’s car, she inserted the CD, I cranked up the volume and there my entire body felt so alive then started to be teary eyed. It is real. I closed my eyes and savored the moment while driving home.

Ang oras na lumipas
Di na natin maibabalik
Itapon ang kahapon

Yakapin ang darating
“Sabado”, 2014

Sabado was playing on the wee hours of Sunday (as it was past 12 midnight). An employee like me who works on a fixed Monday to Friday work schedule is very familiar with the first line of the song “Buti na lang Sabado bukas // Pwede tayong lumabas”. The song felt so old but it feels like the present. It reminded me of “Minsan” where Ely plays the guitar first then Buddy enters the song with his bass lines then Marcus’ guitars together with Raymund’s drums.

Saan, saan na napunta?
Kislap ng iyong mata
Maibabalik pa ba?
“1995”, 2014

The next song “1995” is nostalgic. Made me think of what happened in the year 1995 and yeah, this was the time when the Filipino music scene flourished with great acts. This was also the year when the Eraserheads reached the peak of their musical career. I was on fifth grade when I was hooked into listening to local bands and NU 107.5. Only a few kids in my school appreciated the music that I listened to and somehow I felt that I was trapped in my own world.

The next day, I read Erwin Romulo’s article on the Eraserheads in Esquire while they were in London. While reading this, I was playing the Eraserheads playlist in Spotify to set the mood. It’s just like reading Fruitcake while the playing the entire album. Erwin’s article is something that every fan wanted to know. How they are dealing with each other now? I guess that this is the most honest article I’ve read which shows how each member dealt with the past and how they wanted to move forward (if ever there is a plan).

Hula, di sapat
Hula ang lahat
Bukas magwawakas na ba ang lahat?
“Hula” from Carbonstereoxide 2001

Since they broke up, I always thought what would they sound like if they make music together again? This is the answer. Thank you Esquire / Erwin Romulo for making every Eraserheads fan’s wish answered. Eraserheads fans have an insatiable appetite to consume anything that each band members create separately (whether as an individual or with their respective bands) and definitely these new songs will leave fans hungry for more. As for me, I am contented on whatever they can do as a group. Will they create more songs in the next coming years? As the line from Hula, “Wag ng pag-isipan”. 

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