I’ll be a vampire again in a few days…

It’s my last day in the morning shift yesterday (June 27) and officially on July 1 at 1:00 am, I will be working in the night shift.

After my shift yesterday, I just did some errands for work ( which isn’t finished yet.. hay) ate Margherita pizza at Green Tomato in Philam Building. After the pizza, Karla and I hung out at Krispy Kreme Ayala and used their wifi for free. We were actually waiting for some of our friends then afterwards we went straight to the Coke Zero Bloggers’ Party at Taste Asia in SM Hypermart ( in SM Mall of Asia). For that party, we were now with John and Baby.

We enjoyed the party coz there were free food ( buffet type), beer and of course Coke Zero. I got to bring home a case ( 24 cans) of Coke Zero just because I was there. Cool isn’t it? Well I didn’t actually took advantage of the free Coke Zero, I took advantage of the free beer! I already drank 3 bottles of beer before leaving.

The night is still young so after the Coke Zero Party, we went straight to Saguijo for the 4th anniversary gig. Now we were with Rona this time. We arrived in Saguijo at about 11 pm and the whole Guijo St. was filled with cars parked on the sides and people sitting on the gutter. The entrance fee was higher that night ( usually it’s just Php 150.00, for the anniv night it was Php 200.00) but it’s ok because it’s the anniv night ๐Ÿ™‚ . We couldn’t get inside so we sneaked in first with the crowd outside ( near the window) and was able to catch Pedicab perform. After Pedicab, we went out and hung out first at the restaurant opposite Saguijo which was Breadbox Cafe. We took a chance again, tried to sneak in the crowd while Greyhoundz was performing and we were able to get through the door! Well, it was really a struggle but it was only Karla and I who were able to sneak inside. We moshed in the crowd ( about 2 songs). I just missed moshing in a gig, the last time was when I was at the UP fair during my college days. It’s good that while moshing Karla was also protecting me from the violent moshers. After being in the mosh pit, we left and headed straight home with my case of Coke Zero :p .

Then today, I just got home from Gateway Mall. We first ate dinner at Bellini’s. This restaurant by the way was one of the locations for John Lloyd and Bea movie entitled “One More Chance”. After eating dinner, we watched “Wanted” ( last full show). The movie was really great, I loved it. Too bad that the movie was stopped twice due to power interruption.

By the way, it’s our 7th monthsary ๐Ÿ™‚ . Happy monthsary, mwah!

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