Ipanema “Walk the Green Mile” Event

Me and the other bloggers already at the finish line (Aileen, Jaydj, Karla and Miguel; photo taken by Azrael)

Ipanema “Walk That Green Mile” Event last March 21 at the parking lot near Le Souffle The Fort, Taguig. The walkathon (1 mile walk) were attended by people who want to join the cause of saving our forests. In line with this, Ipanema launched their Gisele Bundchen seeds collection wherein portion of the proceeds will be given to Haribon Foundation’s Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates.

We were at the end of the line but that’s fine as we are enjoying the scenery as the sun was already setting. There was one winner of a limited edition slippers signed by Gisele Bundchen herself. Only 10 people own this slipper and she’s one of those! By the way, I also learned that the correct pronounciation of the brand is EE-PA-NE-MAH not EE-PA-NEE-MAH. After the walkathon, we were asked to proceed to Le Souffle for a little get together but the venue was full of people we decided to have dinner at a nearby restaurant called Cafe Teria.

Thanks to Ipanema, we all got a free pair of slippers (our choice!). Here’s the slipper I chose. It’s also part of the Gisele Bundchen collection.

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