Itenerary for a Sat gimmick after work:

* Waited for Karla to get her hair done at David’s.
* Pigged out at Masas merienda buffet
* Watched “One More Chance” ( still with Karla but for this one we’re with Baby)
* Hung out in Starbucks G4 and wait for Lhette and her girl.
* Changed my clothes to get ready for the Exclusive
* Arrived at the Manila DJ club at abt 12 mn.
* Approached by a mama butch and asked for my number ( ewww)
* Danced the night away with Karla
* Drank 2 beers ( oo yun lng hehe)
* Ate Oishi Wasabi chips and drank Mango Juice in our ever reliable Caltex Star Mart
* Went home with a happy face

All of these were accomplished until 3:30 am. What more can u ask for?

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