Lally Buendia is Domino

Lally Buendia of Domino at Capone's 2

Lally Buendia is Domino

I remember back in college (circa 2006 – 2006), I was desperately seeking for Domino’s album. My friend’s ex-boyfriend had it but unfortunately, he couldn’t find it anymore thus, I resorted to downloading the album from somewhere in cyberspace (at least I’m disclosing this 😉 )  Domino released their debut album entitled “Fair Tales” through Viva Records circa 2003 but it was a short release. I think I was in Pinoy rock hiatus at sometime during my college life that’s why I wasn’t able to buy this album. Sadness.

It was during the benefit gig in Capone’s last April 28th when I first saw Lally Buendia perform with her band. Not really sure of the current line up is, all I know is that Lally Buendia is Domino. Her brother, Ely Buendia, also performed with her onstage. Ely let her sister shine, no pa-star effect. He’s just at the background playing the synths. At least I was a bit familiar with their songs, they performed “Cat Eyes”, “Provocatrice” and a new song which was French. Not really sure what the title was I guess it’ll be included in the new album. 

Ely Buendia Performing with Domino at Capone's

Ely Buendia with Domino

Hearing Lally Buendia sing is mesmerizing. She’s got a different genre compared to her bro. Lally’s got a soft and seductive voice. Domino’s songs sound heavenly, eclectic and electronic at the same time. It’s like Moonpools and Caterpillars meets Sugar Hiccup meets Drip. I hope they release a new album soon and definitely, I’ll buy this.

Domino “Cat Eyes”

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