Live Blogging at Krispy Kreme Chocolate Carnival Event!

Juggler, Unicycle Man and Jester at Krispy Kreme Chocolate Carnival Event

I’m blogging live at Krispy Kreme Boni High Street for the Greatest Chocolate Show On Earth! Obviously it’s a carnival theme that’s why there are circus characters like the picture I took above 🙂 . Media, Bloggers and Friends of Krispy Kreme flocked here at Boni High Street to witness the first ever chocolate glazing of Krispy Kreme donuts!
circus characters at krispy kreme

The Chocolate Tower of Pisa

The Chocolate Box Tower of Pisa

Pachinko Game at Krispy Kreme Chocolate Carnival Event

Pachinko Game

Kid playing Speed Stacking at Krispy Kreme
There are also games here for kids and adults too. The girl above is playing pachingko while the boy is playing speed stacking. The other games here are box stacking and doughnut ring toss. By playing these games, one has the chance to get a dozen of chocolate glazed doughnuts.

Need a caffeine rush? Who you gonna call??

I got intrigued of this guy because he reminds of the ghostbusters. Well for him, he’s one of the sleepbusters! Who you gonna call????

Jubilee Club with Dante at the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Carnival Event

The Jubilee Club (me and Melo) with Dante. Guess why it’s called Jubilee Club? hehehe.

And now, here is the Greatest Chocolate Show on Earth!!!! I am one of the first people to witness the glazing of these doughnuts. They used Hershey’s chocolate. MMM yummy!!

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