Blogging Live at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 *updated*

The Crowd (Photo by Karla Redor)

I am currently at the SM North Edsa Sky Dome for the Mossimo Bikini Summit. This is the last leg for the SM North Edsa Sky Garden Bloggers Event which started at 11 am followed by watching the newest film of Ben Stiller, Night at the Museum 2. Special thanks to SM for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature in the city at the Sky Garden.

There are 11 female and 10 male finalists who will be competing for the title.

photo by Karla Redor


The contestants were divided into 12 (6 females and 6 males) then judges chose their final 6 (3 females and 3 males).

Grand Winners were: Jiro Shirakawa and Vanessa Dime
1st Runners Up: Angelo Cacciatore and Rachel Anne Bustamante
2nd Runners Up: Mark Manicad and Sharla O’Hara

The Grand Winners: Jiro Shirakawa and Vanessa Dime (photo by Ryan)

The 6 finalists (photo by Ryan)

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