Manila International Auto Show 2009 + Russ Swift Precision Driving Stunts

I’m no driver (yet 😉 ) but I love looking at nice cars. I was invited to the country’s biggest motoring event, the Manila International Auto Show, held at the World Trade Center in Manila. The event started from April 2nd and will end on April 5th. This is the 5th year that Worldbex has been organizing this motoring event. Aside from the flashy and really cool cars, there are some things that are in store for this event.

This event unveiled the electric car for mass release. The picture above is an example of this electric car by EVnnovaaions called REVAi Electric car. It is powered by eight 6-volt lead acid batteries and can reach a top speed of 80 kph. One just has to charge the car for 8 hours so that it could be used at its maximum distance of 80 kilometers. I think that this is sufficient for the people who live in the city. Since it’s small, it’s will just allow 2 people in it (1 passenger and 1 driver). By using this car, it will help our environment because it does not emit harmful carbon gases.

Awesome Hummer!!!!!

Also, the event launched 5 Value Car Brands and I believe this is appropriate with the financial crisis that we are having these days. These brands are Chana, Chery, Foton, Great Wall and Lifan.

I loved looking around the nice cars. There were new ones but there were also customized cars. Who says that only men were interested with cars? There were also women there who were at the event. Just upset that women were like objects there and men would flock to them to take pictures with the cars. I mean why should there be skimpy clothed women when there are car shows? It just objectifies women; the same as how men objectify cars.

The best thing in the event was seeing Russ Swift do this precision driving stunts in person! Russ Swift by the way, is a 3-time Guiness World Record Holder for Precision Driving. Also, he is the one responsible for doing the stunts in The Italian Job (remember the mini cooper cars???). His world records were: Parallel parking in tightest space, J-turn in tightest space and Fastest time to do 10 donuts. Watch the videos below as he do those stunts…

Even though I wasn’t able to ride in his passenger seat, I was able to have my media pass and cap signed and of course have a picture taken with him. 🙂

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