Marcus Adoro’s Violator Copy, The Combi and Cubao X

It was supposed to be just another Saturday gimmick for me. Karla and I decided to watch Makoy’s Violator Copy on a Saturday because I have work during weekdays. On the web, it was supposedly scheduled at 6:00 pm but when we got there (Robinson’s Galleria) it was scheduled for 7:30 pm. I got to see the Circus Listers at the theater entrance, they were going to see the film as well.

Violator Copy is a compilation of Marcus Adoro’s video works. The latest short film that he did was “The Artist Is In” which was last year and at last I was able to see it. This isn’t your typical film with dialogues in it; I would probably say that the film talked to its audience through the sound of the surroundings and the non-existence of sound. The lead character, the artist, quietly thinks of song writing ideas inside his room while on the other hand the outside world is full of noise. This shows the difficulty of some artists in the urban setting. I also thought of the struggle of an artist to squeeze their creativity juices given a little amount of time. There are deadlines to make but sometimes creativity lags behind and couldn’t cope under time pressure. It could be hypothesized that a typical day for an everyday worker, perhaps with expected tasks, is almost the same as an artist in under time pressure. Making art would become just like a normal activity and feeling of pleasure is gone.

Other videos that were shown were from his KamonKamon days (which I was able to purchase a long time ago in Sarabia’s optical) and the Pop-U-Mentary videos. The Pop-U-Mentary videos were something that I didn’t expect. It’s actually a compilation of some Eraserheads never before seen videos from previous gigs. It only made me reminisce of the old times and the Eraserheads gigs I’ve been to.

While we were watching the videos inside the theater, someone offered us wine and said that it’s courtesy of Marcus. And to my surprise, he is really there seated at the back part of the theater with his feet on the chair infront of him. There was a videoke part that was shown and suddenly he sang aloud. Haha, it was just literally us on the theater (probably about 10 or more people). Where could you experience drinking wine while watching inside the theater? Only with Marcus Adoro. Hehe.

The film was finished and there was a little get together outside. There were some more booze (hehe, GSM blue!) and biscuits, cheese, coldcuts and grapes. It was a simple thing prepared by Marcus for his fans who supported the film (Aww, so cheezy, literally hehe). We got to talk to him about the ‘heads and what not. He said that the Pop-U-Mentary will be part of the Eraserheads Boxed Set that will be released soon, so there will be more never before seen videos. I actually got excited when Marcus mentioned that it seemed that I was there in some of the videos (wahaha, If it was really me, I hope I was in my normal state and not in my psychotic fan freak state :p) . Anyway, I’ll just have to wait for it soon.

Do you see the plate? That’s my arm. Haha

Ok school bus ito! Marcus still holding the cup of wine in his hand

Haha Kulit lang ng mga busmates

The mall was already closing so Marcus asked if we would like to go to Cubao X. He said that there’s a gig there. We headed to the basement parking lot and holding the cheese pica-pica plate and went to his green combi (like the van used in Chippy Commercial before) with Ms. Mica and Nana.  Now this is the 2nd time I’ve ridden a vehicle with an Ehead (I was with Buddy Zabala then, refer to my blogpost here). I have concluded that Buddy is a safer driver than Marcus (haha, sorry Makoy! :p) Anyway, I’m still alive hehe.

It was the anniversary of Meighday! Meighday! that’s why there were lots of people there. CubaoX was filled with people, some of them familiar to me too. Lots of bands also performed such as Ang Bandang Shirley, Sandwich, Pedicab and many others. I was able to watch Sandwich up close, Raymund was already drunk (as always 😉 ). He climbed the amps and then slowly dropped himself behind the amps, good thing that their crew were there to the rescue. By the way, it was Myrene’s birthday (Happy Birthday Myrene!).

It was a fun night indeed; a much needed fun for me because I will be back to my normal persona when Monday starts 😉 .

Walang Kadala-Dala – Sandwich

*** Special thanks to Arvin for the photos and of course thanks to Makoy’s act of kindness 🙂

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