Miracles Can Happen in 3 Minutes

The host- Pam?

Oh yes, it can happen. Last week, Pantene shared the new 3-Minute Miracle Treatment with the bloggers. Taste Asia was transformed into this fabulous place. Never thought Taste Asia could be transformed like that 🙂 . There was a booth at the back wherein anyone can try this newest product of Pantene. The 3-Minute Miracle treatment can help repair damaged hair instantly without going to the salon and spending lots of money just to have hair treatments. All you have to do is do this once every week and this can be done in just 3 minutes. Visible changes can be seen probably in about 3 weeks. It’s now being sold in the market for only Php 299 ( 3 tubes).  I started trying one just yesterday and will be doing that every week 😉

Judy Ann Santos

 ( Judy Ann being interviewed by Pam, the host)

( Judy Ann really lost weight, look at her between us hehe)

Judy Ann Santos was also there to grace the occassion ( for 3 minutes!, nahh joke probably it’s just 10 minutes 😉 ). According to her the commercial was shot internationally and had to use her own hair ( hmm so what does she use when she does her tv or movie stints? hehe) so that she could “test” the 3 minute miracle. Ok, moving forward, Karla and I was able to have a picture taken with her because we got a sticker under the candle holder which was on our table. I thought it was a prize like a cellphone or an mp3 player but it was for a photo op with Judy Ann. OK fine.

Karla being interviewed

( Karla being interviewed. Now can you spot the commonalities between the host’s pictures?)

( me being interviewed. Can you see it now?)


( Marcelle being interviewed. Now this is the most obvious. Can you spot it now?)


( Aileen Apolo with Sweetie Jay dj)

It was a fun night again with the bloggers. Congratulations Aileen! 🙂

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