My 26th Birthday

Another year has passed and suddenly I am now 26. Wow. If someone asks me how it feels being 26, I would tell that person “You will only feel the difference when you’re already 27”. True isn’t it?

I didn’t have plans on my birthday. One thing I am sure of at that day is to go to SM Marikina for the Wifi Stress Event. I thought that I’ll do the usual Saturday night thing Karla and I do: eat dinner then hang out in a coffee shop. The surprise came when I one the Asus Laptop in SM Marikina. Is it really fate? I don’t know. I think it was just a coincidence, a lucky coincidence.

with Karla, Marc, Gail, Jay DJ, Aileen and Melo (the photographer 😉 ) at Biksa Coffee

Here’s the photographer with me 😉

After the SM Markina event, some of my blogger friends and I decided to try this Thai restaurant in Marikina called Krung Thai. It became sort of an unplanned mini birthday celebration. We all enjoyed the food, we’re really gonna go back there. After dinner and hungry for more chitchatting, we headed straight to Biksa Coffee to have some caffeine rush and also abuse the free wifi there 😉 . Migs already left so it was just us.

I went home and told my mom about my new laptop. My uncle and my aunt were also here to hear my story then suddenly all of them agreed that God has been showering me with all the blessings with me not making any effort. They even told me that I should place a bet in lotto. Of course I said no. I admit that I am not really a religious person. I think that I am apathetic when it comes to that aspect. For me it really seems that everything is a coincidence. Things happen not because it was meant to be but because I just happened to be at a certain place. You might think that I am the epitome of arrogance (I hope not 😉 ) but it may be true. What if everything that happens in our lives are just accidents and coincidences? Sometimes pre-destinations (i.e. believing in fatalism) restrict our lives and sometimes hinder us to connect to reality. I don’t know, I am contemplating my deepest thoughts again here. I apologize if you’re getting drowned.

Anyway, thanks for all the greetings and who remembered my birthday. Greatly appreciated. 🙂

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