My Reflections of 2008

My first post for 2009: a reflection of my life in 2008. Well, I’m not really going to be so emo about it but I just want to see where I am now being a 25 year old adult in this world 🙂 .

CAREER. I resigned from the Call Center Industry after more than 2 years of being there. I don’t have anything against people working in Call Centers but for me, it just became a stepping stone for me. Yes, the money is big but it’s not I really wanted. I just got tired of the irregular work hours. When I was offered to be a headhunter (executive search), I immediately grabbed it. Though the compensation is just a few hundreds lower from what I am getting from my previous job, it is fulfilling in a sense that I am working during regular hours and I am pretty much enjoying what I am doing. I’m already working there for 4 months now.

MONEY. I think I am still struggling with that. Still being the breadwinner of my family, well it’s hard to put forward the things that I want from my family’s needs. More than half of my salary goes to all the utilities and a few thousands are left for my own consumption. I sometimes complain but I can’t change things that easy. Saving money is still hard for me but I know I can start by 2009. The good thing about it is that I have paid more than half of my credit card debts. Hopefully by this February I will be able to pay up everything. I know I mentioned this issue to be accomplished before the year 2008 ends. Unfortunately, some things happen but I will definitely accomplish this before the 1st quarter of 2009 ends 😉 .

LOVE. Nahh, I won’t elaborate on that anymore 😉 . All I can is that I am happy with this person. We just spent our 1st anniversary as couple last November.

Generally, my 2008 is pretty ok. I got the chance to experience different things last year and I also got to meet new people in my life. I don’t want to have new year’s resolutions. I am just looking forward to this year and hopefully things will go smoothly 🙂 .

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