My Two Cents in the Pinoy Jukebox

Yahoo Rocks - Taken by Cars
The year 2011 is about to end and this is the time to contemplate with not just myself but also assess issues that affect me. With NU 107’s closure,  many were alarmed on what will happen on the Pinoy Rock scene. I was one of them. I was in tears when I visited the NU 107 studios on their final night. Many say that the culprits of the reasons why NU closed down was because of the demand of these ENERGetic radio stations that many people from the BARANGAY LOVE to listen to. I heard some insider info about Philippine radio station politics in general and they’re not good. What do you usually hear in these kinds of radio stations? Mostly foreign songs and a very minimal number of Filipino music are being played. I bet you can name 2 or 3 remakes of 1 foreign love song.
So what is there to do?
Pinoy music artists should stop consistently doing remakes of foreign songs. Stop riding the bandwagon just because it’s the trend.

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?
A catchy yet a double meaning album from the Cranberries (released in 1993) which can either influence you or disinterest you in general. I remembered the Bossanova explosion in the past years. Every song has to be Bossafied. “Everybody else was doing it and this kind of music is always being played at my favorite Starbucks branch, so why can’t we join the bandwagon? “
Wow, really?
If I will put that album title in a more positive note, why don’t we say “Everybody else is doing a different thing, so why can’t we do an original composition instead of Bossafying a popular song? ” Good point.
I’ve noticed in the past years that a “Gold” album standard has lowered compared to the 90’s. During the 90’s an album can be considered “Gold” when it sells for more than 20,000 copies. Now, I believe it was already lowered to 10,000 or 15,000. The digital age has something to do with it. When everybody prefers downloading torrents and only a couple of people are buying Pinoy produced albums, album sales lowered drastically. Producing a full length album (including CD packaging) costs higher compared to releasing the album online.
It’s a crying, crying, crying shame (line from “Combo on the Run” from Ultraelectromagneticpop! – Eraserheads)

It is really a crying shame that we are in this kind of mediocrity. I feel disappointed that the standards have been lowered and we have to stoop down to a level that is dictated so much by mass production.

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