National Geographic Presents: Asia’s Titanic Directed by Yam Laranas

December 20,1987. MV Doña Paz was on its way to Manila carrying more than 4000 passengers. The ship’s capacity was only for 1000+ passengers but because it’s the holiday season, they allowed more than the ship’s capacity. MV Doña Paz collided with an oil cargo ship called Vector leaving more than 4000 passengers dead and only 24 survivors. Sulpicio Lines denied (and is still denying) that MV Doña Paz was overloaded with passengers because according to their manifesto, only about a thousand were listed there.

MV Doña Paz was labelled as Asia’s Titanic even though the size of the ship is just 1/4 of the real Titanic. This tragedy will be shown for the first time on the National Geographic Channel. The facts based on the senate inquiries and the heart-melting stories from some of the survivors themselves. While I was watching this documentary during the premiere last August 18 at Rockwell, I was almost teary-eyed and at the same time hating the negligence of the Philippine Coast Guard, Sulpicio Lines and the owners of MV Vector. I still believe that all of them were at fault.

Director Yam Laranas

The documentary was directed by Yam Laranas. This was the first time that a Filipino director was able to direct a documentary for the National Geographic Channel. Yam and his partner pitched the idea to National Geographic and was given funds to produce the documentary. They shot the documentary for 3 years making sure that everything is based on facts.

MV Dona Paz model

Basically, the documentary stuck to the facts however I am just concerned that it doesn’t give any plan of action. as what National Geographic documentaries have always been. I just hope that they gave an idea of the Philippine maritime situation we have right now and if there were changes since the tragedy happened. But despite my comment, I still believe that you should still watch the documentary especially to those who weren’t born yet to be able to do something and avoid this kind of mishap.

For those of you who have the National Geographic Channel, here are the showdates:

August 25, 8pm
August 26, 4am
August 26, 9am
August 26, 1pm
August 26, 9pm
August 30, 9pm
August 31, 1am
August 31, 5am
September 5, 6pm
September 28, 8pm
September 29, 1pm

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