NU 107 Rock Awards 2010 – The Aftermath

Franco at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 5Franco

This is it. The last NU Rock Awards happened last October 29, 2010 at the NBC Tent, Taguig. NU preferred to give away tickets by invitation only and the event became a private affair with no jumping Orcs , just like how the NU Rock Awards started back in 1994. I’m no VIP however I was able to score tickets courtesy of my colleague, Pax (you’re the best!) on the day of the Rock Awards itself. I wasn’t prepared to go but who could not resist those tickets??!!! Two of my motivations to go to the Rock Awards this year: 1) because this will be the last and I wanna be there and 2) I want to see my band photos on the AVPs for some categories (particularly Urbandub). This is the first time that my photos will be used in a big event like this 🙂

Kevin Roy Singing the Philippine National Anthem

After the office Halloween party, I went straight to the Fort with Karla. I was expecting that there will a lot of people but apparently, there are more VIPs compared to the complimentary ticket holders who got their tickets from either the sponsor contests or “connections”. Well, I didn’t go there to rub elbows with the VIPs and the VIP wannabes so I’m contented with where I was. 8:30 pm, the actual show hasn’t started yet although I already saw the shadows of Buddy Zabala and Jet Pangan onstage. The actual awards ceremony began with Kevin Roy singing the Philippine National Anthem. It was one of the most awesome performances at that night, Kevin Roy was wearing a suit!

Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 1

Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree

Performers that night were: Franco, Sugarfree, Up Dharma Down, Greyhoundz, The Youth, Itchyworms, Kamikazee, Slapshock, Pupil, Archipelago, The Dawn, Rivermaya, Wilabaliw and Urbandub. The Dawn opened the awards proper and performed “Iisang Bangka” and “Salamat” medley. The whole show was  about reminiscing the past NU Rock Awards, some bands even performed their old time hits. Greyhoundz performed Pigface with Ian Tayao of Queso, Urbandub performed “Soul Searching” and “First of Summer”, Kamikazee made a medley of their songs such as “Tsinelas”, “Martir Nyebera” and “Ambisyoso”. Kamikazee was with their typical crazy self that night and dressed up as senior citizens. Jay Contreras of Kamikazee kept on “smoking” the giant cigarette while Franco was performing. Wacky guy! I was interested to see The Youth performed “Multong Bakla”,one of the popular punk tunes during my adolescent years. (Hey, I was a 90’s kid!)

Jay Contreras of Kamikazee at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 3Kamikazee

Since I was infront of the gig stage, I wasn’t able to take much photos of the presenters and winners. One of the interesting presenters that night was Hayden Kho who presented the Best Music Video Award together with Kim of NU 107. Because he was popular with his “video”, there were expected reactions from the audiences *wink*. Other celebrities who presented the awards were Vicki Belo, KC Concepcion, Anne Curtis and Tuesday Vargas. KC and Anne presented the Artist of the Year Award together with Ely Buendia and Atom Henares.

By the way, here were the winners of the NU Rock Awards 2010 (got this list from Francis Brew’s Facebook) :

Artist of the Year

  • Franco

Album of the Year

  • Franco – Franco

Vocalist of the Year

  • Gabby Alipe – Urbandub

Guitarist of the Year

  • Peavy “Sideshow” Nicolas, Fran Lorenzo – Sleepwalk Circus

Bassist of the Year

  • Lalay Lim – Urbandub

Drummer of the Year

  • Otep Concepcion – Ozawa / In Love and War

Song of the Year

  • This Gathering – Franco

Best New Artist

  • Tanya Markova

In The Raw Award

  • The Flying Ipis

Listeners Choice

  • Franco

Video of the Year

  • Disney – Tanya Markova

Best Album Packaging

  • Sleepwalk Circus

URock College Band of the Year

  • Reese & Vica of Ateneo

Producer of the Year

  • Angee Rozul & Ely Buendia & Robert Javier – In Love and War (Ely Buendia was ready to perform with Pupil when he, Angee Rozul and Robert Javier were announced as the winners of this category. Robert Javier was with Ely on the performers stage and not the Awards stage.)

Best Live Act

  • Tanya Markova

Hall of Fame

  • Angee Rozul

Most of the bands/individuals  I voted won in the different categories. I expected that Franco, Urbandub, Sleepwalk Circus and Tanya Markova will be bagging more than 1 award. Congratulations to all the winners!

Ely Buendia of Pupil at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 2

Ely Buendia

Rivermaya’s performance was memorable because all the NU 107 staff and former DJs were onstage and performed “Awit ng Kabataan”. This was the perfect song to describe this particular moment. Francis Brew suddenly appeared onstage with his awesome guitar and played the lead with Mike Elgar. Somewhat reminded me of Slash appearing on Michael Jackson’s performance of “Come Together”. It was that awesome!

Francis Reyes with Rivermaya at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 3

Francis Brew Reyes

As the categories came close to the Artist of the Year, I was already getting sentimental because I know that this will be the last NU Rock Awards. When Franco was announced as the winner, all the NU staff went onstage led by Francis Brew Reyes for his final words. I can see him being teary-eyed from the big screen, as well as the other NU staff. He’s not directly saying what will happen next but what we confirmed is that this will be the last Rock Awards. NU 107 enjoyed 23 years in the airwaves while the NU Rock Awards was 17 years. Whew, didn’t realize that it was that long! As mentioned in my previous blog post, change is inevitable. What I am looking forward to is how Pinoy Rock will continue to live. I know it will not end. Whether mainstream or underground, Pinoy Rock will still live. I will truly miss NU 107.5 and the Rock Awards.

I can now proclaim that I am no longer a Rock Awards virgin.


Please check the videos I took here (apologies, it’s not that HD enough 🙁 ) :
The Dawn
Greyhoundz with Ian Tayao
The Youth
Rivermaya with Francis Brew and NU 107 staff

Other photos are in my Flickr.

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