Nutrilite’s “Every Kick Counts” Campaign

The internet indeed is a very helpful tool in spreading advocacies nowadays that is why Nutrilite, a brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements (distributed locally by Amway Philippines), actually utilized the internet as a powerful tool in helping children around the world get the education that they need. How you can help? All you need to do is go to this website: and register. Then you can choose the country and city you want to give your kick to then you would have to forward your ‘kicks’ to other people. It’s like a ‘chain letter’ if you would want to call it. Each person who ‘kicks’ can actually contribute $0.15 to the country they chose. It’s very easy and you don’t need to think hard to actually donate that little amount.This program also is in partnership of Nutrilite with soccer superstar Ronaldinho.

Me making my first kick

Carl making his first kick

Fritz making his first kick

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