Official MV of The Dorques’ Murasaki Blue – Inspired by Shaider

Just the other day, my officemates and I were fighting about the color of Annie’s underwear in the 90’s Japanese series, Shaider. All of us grew up at the time Shaider was really something we look forward to but have never realized about the color of Annie’s underwear. We know that it always shows whenever she does action sequences. Anyway, after an hour of arguing about it, we have finally realized that whenever Annie wears her brown fringe skirt matched with her brown vest, her underwear is white but whenever she wears the yellow counterpart of it, her underwear’s yellow.

Anyway, since we’re talking about Shaider here I stumbled upon one of my favorite band’s music video Murasaki Blue. The Dorques released their album November of 2008 but it’s only now that they’ve released a music video. The video was inspired by Shaider. Nina (the keyboardist) portrayed Annie (oh yes, she wore that fringe skirt and her underwear jived to the major realization of the day.

The music video was directed by Marie Jamora. Watch it and you’ll be reminiscing your childhood watching Shaider. đŸ™‚

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