Opening of Adidas Store in Rockwell and the Stella McCartney Spring/Summer Collection 2009

Adidas, one of the leading brands of sports apparels, has just opened another branch at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. We were invited to grace the event to also unveil their newest endorser here in the Philippines.

Adidas Stella McCartney Collection - 5

Not only Adidas is opening its newest branch and endorser, they are also launching the Stella McCartney Spring/Summer Collection 2009. You may be wondering who is Stella McCartney. Well actually, she is the daughter of THE Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Stella opted to be a fashion designer and environmentalist rather than being a musician like his dad. Well, they both share some advocacies but for her case, she chose to be an advocate for a greener environment. Stella collaborated with Adidas in 2005 and made apparel (shoes, clothes and accessories)  that would cater for women who are engaged in golf, running, gym dance, yoga, tennis, winter sports and swimming. With Stella’s designs combined with Adidas technology, they came up with the collection targeted for a specific market. Well, the price tags of Stella McCartney’s collection isn’t really for the masses therefore this is really targeted for the upper middle to upper class of society. By the way, Adidas made sure to respect Stella’s belief of not using animal by products and leather alternatives.Adidas Stella McCartney Collection - 1

There was a fashion show to show us some of the samples in the Stella McCartney Collection. I just realized that the common colors on this Summer/Spring Collection 2009 are beige, green, mocha and many more. Seems that it’s more focused on earth colors. Also while I was at the store, I touched the materials of some of the clothes, they were very light and soft on the skin. The shoes were also

Stella McCartney Adidas Fashion Show - 2

For running

Stella McCartney Adidas Fashion Show - 5

For gym yoga

And would you like to guess who the new Adidas endorser is? Just look on the picture below 🙂 It’s Iza Calzado. We also got the chance to take a picture with her.

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