Paramore Rocked Manila and I’m Glad to Be There

Paramore in Manila 14

There’s a written phrase in Hayley’s wrist which says “Kamusta Kayo”?

Paramore rocked SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds last night! The concert grounds were packed of Parawhores (fans of Paramore) and almost everybody were singing Paramore’s songs. The Philippines is fortunate to be the last stop on their tour before they come back to their homeland.   Karla and I got VIP tickets, courtesy of Coy Caballes of Globe, but I think we were actually at the Gold area. I heard that the VIPs were transferred to the Gold area at the last minute while the Gold ticket holders were transferred to the VIP section. Allegedly, this was a demand from the foreign production because they “didn’t want the VIPs to be hurt”. For me, it didn’t really matter because I think that the section we’re in was much better than being in the frontmost. I guess it didn’t matter to me because I did not spend a single dime to get a hold of my ticket. But don’t get me wrong, I actually feel for the people who have bought the tickets and did not get the satisfaction they were expecting. If I were in their place, I’d definitely be furious. I just hope that the organizers or production will settle this. We want Paramore to back here in Manila so I guess they really have to fix things.

Paramore in Manila 25

Many Parawhores didn’t like Callalily being the front act. Well in my opinion, the organizers could’ve gotten another band. Callalily wasn’t able to at least let the crowd jump (as what the vocalist demanded while they’re performing their last song).  Everybody was eager to let Callalily get out of the stage.

Paramore in Manila 6

The band played almost 15 songs including the encore. Hayley Williams’ performance was really awesome! I wish that the sound system was able to pull it off. Anyway, I just searched Paramore’s setlist here in Manila so if there are any changes, feel free to change it.

Brand New Eyes Tour Intro
My Heart (thanks for informing me that this wasn’t supposed to be included here 🙂 )
-Thats What You Get
-Looking Up
-Let The Flames Begin
-Never Let This Go
-The Only Exception
-For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
-Where The Lines Overlap

-Misery Business
-Brick by Boring Brick

Paramore in Manila 29

I used my Canon SX110IS for this concert. It was quite difficult to take pictures (as usual) since it’s a rock concert. Everybody’s arms were up in the air plus I am not that fortunate to be taller. 😉

Paramore in Manila 12

Paramore in Manila 24

Paramore in Manila 31

Paramore in Manila 30

It was a wonderful experience being there and I hope that they do come back.  Special thanks to Globe Tattoo for allowing me to see Paramore live!


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