Paskuhang Pupil 2009


Mailing lists in the cyberspace have existed a long time ago and bands these days are taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with their fans both online and offline. On the other hand, the fans also take advantage of that situation because this is the exclusive time a band offers to their fans. Nowadays, clubs allow a handful of bands to perform every night which lessens that set list they’re allowed to perform (usually 3-5 songs per set).

I believe that it was in the late 90’s or early 2000 when local Filipino bands organized lister’s night parties. I remembered some bands such as the Eraserheads, The Dawn, Rivermaya organizing those parties. I was able to attend listers nights of Eraserheads years ago and then few months was The Dawn. Each and every lister’s night I’ve attended in the past and the present were fun and have realized the differences among their crowds.

Ely Buendia of Pupil

I seldom speak in the Mailing Lists I belong to but I was fortunate enough to meet some of them in previous gigs. The latest lister’s night I attended was just last Thursday in Club Dredd Eastwood. It was Pupil’s way to celebrate Christmas with their fans. Even though I have work the next day, I felt the urgency to go there because this might be the last time I’m gonna see them perform live before the year ends (hopefully, not).

Dok Sergio of Pupil

 Karla and I arrived early in Club Dredd (around 7:30 pm). The staff wouldn’t allow us to go in yet because they’re setting up so we decided to eat dinner first in Stackers Burger. While eating, someone caught my attention. Ely Buendia entered the resto with someone. If you’re gonna ask me who it was, nope I’m not gonna tell because it’s their private life. Anyway, they were supposed to sit beside our table (which was the couch) but they decided to sit outside. After dinner, Karla and I went to Club Dredd and got a table at the middle.


 The party started with games. They gave away items from Pupil’s sponsors such as Puma and Levi’s. I got a Puma bag by answering the name of the sphere in the cover of Against the Light book. Thanks to Karla who lead me to the answer 😉 .

Yan Yuzon of Pupil

The gig started at 11 pm with Ely feeling a bit sleepy because of the games. I felt him singing with energy when he sang “Higante”. That was my first time to hear the song live. Too sad Francis M. isn’t here anymore to sing it with him.

“Higante” by Pupil

Christmas Cake

The gig finished earlier than expected (around 1:00 pm). I had an opportunity to take my photo with Ely (it’s in my Facebook!) hehe.

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