Pedicab’s Sophomore Album, “Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter” Launch at Cubao Expo

( Daddy Maps aka. Diego Mapa on vocals)

Pedicab has just launched their sophomore album entitled “Shinji Ilabas mo na Ang Helicopter” outside the Pablo Gallery in Cubao Expo ( formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) last night. I woke up early for this event even though I have a shift at 1 am just to be able to attend this super anticipated gig! I was with my rocker *ehem* 😉 Karla last night and we had one hell of a night. We actually arrived past 8 pm ( since it was being advertised in NU 107.5 that the gig will start at 8 pm). It’s better to be early than be late. Well it paid off because we were right infront of the band. This is advantageous for Karla so that she could take pictures of the band performing.

( Sugaraims a.k.a Raymund Marasigan on synths)

The set up was right infront of Pablo Gallery, actually the sidewalk sort of became the stage. We’re actually infront of the band ( as in eye level). There were tents there so in case it rains, we’re fully covered. There were also lcd projectors for the video backdrops. Of course, a gig will not be complete without some booze. There’s a booth selling beer, cigarettes and Tanduay ( since it’s one of its sponsors). Also, there were Pedicab shirts being sold and of course the album is being sold there as well.

(Taken by Cars)

The gig started at 9 pm, Taken by Cars performed first. They performed 5 songs from their debut album. Sara Marco sang the first verse of Pedicab’s single ” Ang Pusa Mo” as an intro to their first song. That actually sounded so lesbo, lolz 😉 . The next band that performed was Chilitees. I’m not really familiar with them, I only knew one song from them which was “Sama Na” ( they didn’t even perform it last night). All I can say is that the vocalist has a nice voice. 😉

Then Pedicab came out from the gallery, they were all wearing white long sleeved polos which has words painted on it. When you form the words into a sentence, it actually becomes the album title “Shinji, Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter”. Those polos were the ones they wore on the album sleeve. While the band was performing Tado suddenly blended with the crowd and everyone was surprised that he’s there. The band sang 13 songs, here’s the set list. 🙂

After the set Karla and I left Cubao Expo, I still need to go to work. Left there about 11:30 pm. From what I heard from Dylan ( the NU 107.5 dj), there will be a dj who will be playing together with Diego Castillo.

I was actually listening to the album while I was doing this, and the songs were really good. My favorite tracks are: “Ang Pusa Mo”, “FX”, “Simulan Mo Na”, “Deafening Silence”, “Good to Go” and “Deep Eyes”. Buy their album, it’s really worth it. They still have the dance-punk sound. It’s really better when you watch them live. 😉

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