Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album Out Now

pery´odiko (pangngalan or noun) – A Filipino term for newspaper, journal or periodical.

But for this article, I will be talking about a new Pinoy band called Peryodiko. The band is composed of Vin Dancel (lead vocals, guitars), Simon Tan  (bass, vocals), Kakoy Legaspi (lead guitar, vocals) and Abe Billano (drums, vocals). These guys are already superstars in their own way. Just to give you a background on each member: Vin Dancel was the lead vocalist of the now defunct Twisted Halo, brother of Ebe Dancel (of Sugarfree) and husband of Kris Gorra-Dancel (of Cambio, Fatal Posporos and Duster); Kakoy Legaspi used to play the lead guitars for Barbie’s Cradle and Rivermaya and I believe currently plays for a band called Salindiwa; Simon Tan is a great bass player associated with bands such as Lampano Alley, Johnny Allegre, Wdouji, UP Jazz Ensemble and many others; lastly, Abe Billano used to play drums for Dong Abay and Twisted Halo. Wow, that’s what I call a superstar line up.

I have seen Peryodiko perform once during the first leg of the Anabel Bosch tribute gig at Big Sky Mind last January 3rd. The picture here was taken through my camera phone during that gig; I was seated comfortably at the sofa 😉 . I have been hearing raves about this band since last year and am glad to get the chance to see them perform live.

I was actually wondering why they’re called Peryodiko. I haven’t talked to them in person so I’ll probably make some hypothesis here and hope to verify it when them when I get the chance to chat with them 😉 . I am thinking that they named their band as Peryodiko because their songs show everyday realities that people undergo. Their songs can be categorized as “comfort songs” ( like food, we have comfort food to make us feel happy).

Agawan Base – Peryodiko
The album is composed of 11 tracks and their carrier single is “Agawan Base” (in English, Stealing Base). Based from the lyrics, I could say that it is about accepting the consequences of whatever we do. People around us can just be spectators of our lives but basically we are the masters of our own world. Life is like this game wherein the goal is to catch the opponents or try to steal the opponents’ base to succeed. This song will really give you the LSS (last song syndrome) and one of my favorites in the album as well.

sakaling magbalik sa iyo..
pagkatapos magpalit-anyo ang paligid..
sa ‘sang gilid may mga matang nagmamasid at nag-aabang ng bagong laro
alam ko..
pagbabayaran ko..
ang nakalimutang tagpo…
pagbabayaran ko…

sa tuwing umaalis at tuwing bumibitaw..
ang puso ko’y nagsusumigaw..
nagpapanggap mang nakangiti pa rin..
dala ang iyong habilin..
ang puso ko’y nagsusumigaw..nagsusumigaw..

sakaling magpalit anyo ang ngayon..
magagamot ba ang pait ng kahapon..
pagsisisi’y nakaukit sa nag-uumpugang bato..
eto na kaya ang bagong laro?…
alam ko..
pagbabayaran ko..
hanggang sa dulo ng tagpong ito…
pagbabayaran ko…

sa tuwing umaalis at tuwing bumibitaw..
ang puso ko’y nagsusumigaw..
nagpapanggap mang nakangiti pa rin..
dala ang iyong habilin..
ang puso ko’y nagsusumigaw..nagsusumigaw..

(copied from Vin Dancel‘s multiply)

Another favorite song of mine is “Huminga” which again is having a reality check among ourselves as humans. Sometimes we pressure ourselves on becoming perfect but in reality we are not. We may experience some achievements during the day but before we sleep but we must still remember to put our two feet on the ground.

Sino ba nagsabi na hindi ka pwedeng madapa?
Lumingon ka lang sa paligid mo oi hindi ka nag-iisa
Hindi lahat ng gusto mo, hindi lahat ng plano mo
Nasusunod at natutupad..hindi parating lumilipad

Ngayong gabi, ipagtagpi-tagping muli
Mga pira-pirasong pangarap
Mga tira-tirang bahagi ng iyong mundo
Huwag kang manlumo
Ipasahangin ang mga damdamin
At akuin ang sariling buhay

“Kumapit Ka Tuwing Lunes” is one of the slow songs that I like in the album. I’m not really sure why the writer suggests to ‘hold on every Monday’ (the literal meaning of the title 😉 ) probably it’s because Monday is the first day of the week? Haha, I’m not really sure. This song actually sort of reminds me of Apo Hiking Society and Eraserheads. Hmm maybe the 70’s feel and the melodious tune of it?

Kailangang magpatuloy
Gumulong ka lang kaya
Wag magpatalo
Wag mag-alala
May pag-asa pa
Hangga’t ka’y humihinga
Ang lahat ng ito’s lilipas din

bakasyon 11-14 – Peryodiko
“Bakasyon” is an upbeat song that talks about having a break in emotional stresses that we feel in life whether it’s love, pressure at work, etc…

kailangan ko ng bakasyon
maaari bang magpahinga ang puso kong
patalon-talon tuwing nabibitin
sa kung ano ba ang alin

Here is the complete track list:

  • Pikit
  • Agawan Base
  • Tayo
  • Lihim
  • Huminga
  • Milenyo
  • Piraso
  • Paglaya
  • Kumapit Ka Tuwing Lunes
  • Bakasyon
  • Walang Kapalit

You may buy their album during their gigs and will not be available on record bars yet. While watching their gigs, you can also buy their merchandise such as stickers (I have it already!), t-shirts and button pins (I have it too!). The album is independently released (Thanks to Anton Dans for correcting, previously I wrote that it was released through Sony BMG. My apologies) and if you wanna book them for gigs you may contact Thirdline Inc. at 4260103 or 4265301.

Upcoming album bar tour gigs will be on March 27 at Mag:Net High Street (with and on March 28 at RJ Bar (Makati). You can also catch them on Jam Session @ 88.3 on April 12 (radio concert).

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