Plurk Lakbayan 08 at Tagaytay City

Tagaytay Jump Shot - Sha

Can’t you see I’m happy? (taken by Karla Redor)

This is a post-Christmas celebration for the bloggers who are also plurkers. Last December 26, we went to Tagaytay and all we did there was to pig out, LITERALLY. We left Manila at around 9 am and arrived at Tagaytay City at around 10:30 am. It wasn’t that cold yet, it’s just the normal morning breeze. Our first stop was a Greek restaurant called Manos Greek Taverna. Since our group was really big ( imagine 25 food trippers), we have to divide ourselves into smaller groups so that billing and ordering would be much easier. I was of course part of the food bloggers group wherein each dish that comes to our table have to be photographed ( of course for our food blogs 🙂 ). The food that we ordered in Manos were Moussaka, Tsatziki with pita bread and Grilled Lamb Chops. We also had yogurt shake as our beverage.

Half of the Plurk Lakbayan group at Bag of Beans taken by Arbet Bernardo

After eating lunch at Manos, we headed straight to Bag of Beans where we had our dessert and coffee there. We ordered Shepherd’s Pie and Iced Caramel Latte. I loved the ambiance of the place. It’s very cozy; I felt that I was brought to the countryside or something. I will definitely go back there. 🙂

We were still full and I thought that we’re gonna go to another binging session again. It’s good that we rested our intestines and took a look at the view of Taal Volcano. We hung out at the Taal Vista Lodge viewing area and savored the cool breeze of Tagaytay with the Taal Volcano just infront of us. Ohh, what a relief. I’ve always been fascinated of the that volcano. I always wanted to trek there and I think that that wasn’t a good time for us to go there since we are food tripping, eh? 🙂 Of course, we cam whored while we were there.

The Plurk Gangsta in Taal Vista taken by Fritz Tentativa

Sun was already setting and our stomachs were again craving for food. We went to Leslie’s to eat Bulalo however we weren’t able to, apparently the waiter forgot to forward the order to the kitchen. Wow. 45 minutes has passed and no bulalo were on our tables. The bulalo was just supposed to be a pre-dinner thing. We were really supposed to have dinner at Kanin Club in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Good thing, our busmate Fritz brought some junk food for us to feast on during the trip to Sta. Rosa ;).

When we arrived at Kanin Club, everybody was super hungry except for my busmates and the food blogger’s group (Melo, Marc, Gail, Nina and Shantee the dog). It was almost past 9 pm when we started to feast on the delicious dishes at Kanin Club. Mmmm.

Now this is the way to spend your post-Christmas, food trip! We all went home full of excess baggages in our stomachs and also gained new people in our lives. Can’t wait to have another Plurk Lakbayan 🙂

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