Pupil Launches Special Wildlife Album at SM Sky Dome

Pupil re-launched their 2nd album Wildlife last Friday, July 10th at the SM Sky Dome. What’s special about this album is that they have remastered all the tracks (meaning, it has better quality) and in addition, they have a separate CD of the tracks they performed during the Pupil Lister’s Night held in Big Sky Mind. It also contains a DVD of Pupil’s music videos and digital wallpapers of Pupil there so that fans can place it as wallpapers on their desktop computers or laptops.

Ely Buendia

So, it was a Friday, the last day of my work week. I left work at 5:20 pm and immediately rushed to SM North just to make sure that Karla and I would avoid the Friday rush hour heavy traffic. The rain was pouring hard but that did not stop us from going to SM Sky Dome. I bought Hero hotdogs for dinner and decided to eat it while we’re inside the venue. There isn’t that much people yet at 7:00 pm. According to the announcements, the show was supposed to start at 7:00 pm but because of the rain, the band was stuck in heavy traffic in EDSA. So, we went inside the Sky Dome and sat at the middle aisle because it would be difficult to see if we’re on the side. A lot of familiar faces were there, the Pupil and Circus listers, a former colleague of mine from Eperformax and my grade school friend Chili. It was nice to see Chili again whom I have never spoke for more than 10 years and also Gerard, a fellow Circus lister I met during the Eheads Final Set (also one of the individuals who got a portion of Ely’s Levi’s jacket).

The opening act was The Dorques that was personally requested by Pupil to perform. I think the last time I saw them perform was last March or April when Aimee decided to leave the band temporarily. It’s good to see Aimee play the drums again. They performed 7 originally composed songs which were included in their self-titled album. They changed the lyrics of “Fuck on the Floor” and changed it to “Dance on the Floor”. I am just not used to hearing that and it sounded weird when I heard “Dance” instead of “Fuck”. Oh well, censorship. Hehe.

Pupil Photo Stands

There were raffle draws for free t-shirts, caps and sneakers courtesy of the sponsors such as Levi’s, Rayban and Puma. The Pupil life size photo standees were also given away. I wonder how this would fit inside a car? Hehe.

Ely and Yan

Then Pupil set foot on stage. First song was “Disconnection Notice”. Ely danced some Michael Jackson moves (which he rarely does when he was still with the Eheads hehe). Everyone who was seated on the chairs immediately went near the stage because Yan Yuzon wanted the audience to be nearer. I sneaked towards the stage while Karla was still livestreaming using her Iphone. Eventually, Karla sneaked her way through the crowd and stood with me near the stage.

Dok Sergio

The band sang “Sala”, “Nasaan Ka”, “Matador”, “Animal Lover”, and many more. For their encore, they sang Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” as a tribute to the King of Pop. Wendell sang the vocals while Ely played the guitar. Yan sang the back-up vocals then Dok played some drums.

After their performance, everybody was asked to line up so that the band can sign our albums. While waiting, I decided to take pictures of the band and the fans as well. I saw Ely’s funny reaction when one fan asked Wendell to sign a cassette tape of Wendell’s former band. They were both in shock that someone still has a cassette tape. Haha. There were also children who lined up to have their albums signed and the band were very accommodating to have their pictures taken with them.

Photo Ops with Pupil

When it was my turn to have my album signed, Yan placed the number 94 meaning, I am the 94th person and album that they will be signing. Ely looked at me with a funny face and said “Your face sounds familiar!” Wendell laughed and asked “sounds familiar?”. Ely obviously recognized me as the young Eheads fan girl who always approach him to sign my Eheads stuff or maybe he recognized me as the girl who let him sign a piece of his jacket that he threw during the Eheads Final Set? And then again, he said the same thing he said to me after the MTV Sessions gig in Greenhills, “Pumapayat ka”. I do hope that that would become a motivation for me to lose weight but still isn’t enough. LOL. Anyway, I’m used to him being like that.

It was indeed a very fun evening. It’s good that bands such as Pupil are reaching out to the fans and giving them opportunities to actually meet and greet them. Well, they owe everything to the fans right?


So as a finale, here’s a version of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror covered by Pupil.

Pupil’s encore performance: Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror

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