Pupil’s 20/20 Video Launch in Black and White

Pupil 20/20 Video Launch 16

Pupil just launched the official video for “20/20”, one of the catchiest tunes from their album “Limiters of the Infinity Pool” last week. Great to see the band again after their album launch. I decided to shoot in black and white (and in film grain using Lumix FZ35) because I love this setting whenever I shoot live gigs. Grainy black and white photos just give concert photos a more “rocker” and “film noir” feel on it.

Pupil 20/20 Video Launch 11

Francis “Brew” Reyes performed 20/20 with Pupil. He also played the guitar in the album. It was awesome seeing Francis again plus, my favorite gig photographer, Niña Sandejas was there too. That’s already a signal that Francis will be there. 😉

Pupil 20/20 Video Launch 10

Pupil’s 20/20 music video is now being played on local television. The video is actually a breakthrough, Pupil stopped traffic at EDSA. How amazing it is to see EDSA without vehicles passing by? The video will make you appreciate EDSA, cleared from bumper to bumper traffic. I appreciate the blurry effects all throughout video, seemed appropriate with its lyrics “I wish that I can see the world in your eyes“. You can view the video teaser here, I can’t find an official video online yet.

Pupil 20/20 Video Launch 7

Pupil 20/20 Video Launch 3

Outerhope 1

The bands that opened for Pupil are Outerhope and Mayo Baluyot. Outerhope performed with some members from “Ang Bandang Shirley”. I initially thought that “Shirley” will be performing but instead it was Outerhope! 🙂 It was my first time to see Outerhope, their kind of music is what you should listen if you want to experience zen.

Mayo Baluyot 1

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