Redbox Now Offers Nintendo Wii

I’m not really a buff for video games but when I experienced playing Nintendo Wii for the first time at Redbox, I realized it was really fun. Starting this October, Redbox will be offering Nintendo Wii as one of its attractions. Customers now may choose if they opt to use the microphone or the nunchuck controllers. Note that there will be some rooms that wouldn’t have the Wii consoles so better ask the receptionist to get you the room with the Wii console. There’s no added fee for having the Wii there, you still get to pay the same rate whether they have a promo or not. So Redbox wouldn’t only be your one-stop karaoke place, but they now offer billiards, poker tables and of course the newly installed Wii consoles.

Last night was really fun, I played Bowling and Boxing. As you can see in the pictures hehe.

Thanks to the organizers of the Nintendo Wii party last night!

Redbox branches are in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma.

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