Relax and Chill Out

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News broke out yesterday in the blogosphere that the Eraserheads Reunion Gig was already cancelled. Got this link from the Circus Mailing list and it mentioned that it was already official. Hmm. I wonder about the intentions of the author of that blog. Well anyway, it said that DOH ( Department of Health) refused to issue the permit. In the first place, why do the organizers need to have a permit from DOH? I didn’t know that whenever there are events I need to get a permit from the DOH. Or probably it’s for the doctors that will be in the event for emergency reasons? I don’t know what the permit is for. WELL ANYWAY, Marcus Adoro was able to read that message and was stunned by it as well. According to his blog, he immediately contacted his contact persons ( isn’t that redundant? hehe) to confirm about it and Marcus gave the statement: “the decision will be relayed to us on the next rehearsal date which was not today and will not be tomorrow ( referring to August 23rd and 24th) kaya relax muna kayo“. His blog post entitled ‘Relax’ assured fans that they will be informed on what will happen. Marcus reacted on Raymund Marasigan’s message to the mailing lists regarding the possible postponement. Well, I would understand postponement but cancellation is different. Postpone means that the date will just be moved however cancellation means it will never happen. Be careful of your words dear!

Ey by the way, Karla and I got our Reunion shirts. Whether or not this pushes through we still have the shirts! 🙂 Thanks Noytee! 🙂

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