Rock Bosch: Benefit Gigs for Anabel Rosch

Anabel Bosch, photo taken by Rain Contreras

One of the independent music industry’s rock goddesses suffered anneurysm last January 1, 2009 as she was watching television with her daughter and complaint about a terrible headache. For those of you who may not be familiar with her, she sings with bands such as Tropical Depression, Electrikoolaid and Analog. When the news broke out that she was rushed to the hospital, her friends from the music industry made the effort of organizing benefit gigs for her and the very first leg of the benefit gig was held at Big Sky Mind in Quezon City. Rocked had the first benefit gig and the bands who performed were The Dawn, Chilitees, Cambio, Peryodiko and many more. Yours truly was there to support the cause. We came there early so we got the chance to sit on the couch :). Any form of donation was made possible, they even auctioned toys, basketball cards, lap dances, etc.

Here is the list of the upcoming Rock Bosch gigs for this month. If you can attend all of them the better! As we all know hospital and medicine expenses are really expensive and you can help by just watching the gigs listed below. I believe that there are still additional gigs and events for Anabel but these are the confirmed ones:

7 Jan, Wednesday – Mag:Net HIGH STREET
Tropical Depression + more!

9 Jan, Friday – SAGUIJO
Sandwich, Pupil, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, South Superhighway, Top Junk + more!
9.30pm, entrance P100

10 Jan, Saturday – HOBBIT HOUSE
The Blue Rats, The Jerks, Tempestuous Jones, and Delta Slim.

15 Jan, Thursday – ROUTE 196
The Ronnies, Bagetsafonik, Analog with Waya Gallardo on vocals, the Late Isabel, Slave Drum, Pedicab, Imago. Robert Alejandro, graphic artist and poet will also be doing portraits.
contact or

19 Jan, Monday – ROUTE 196
Ciudad, the Jerks, Blue Jean Junkies, Kaktooz
contact or

20 Jan, Tuesday – CONSPIRACY
Romancing Venus poets + more!
contact Charms Tianzon (+639272346453)

21 Jan, Wednesday – CLUB DREDD
Anabel’s Birthday Gig!
Romancing Venus poets (Karen Kunawicz, Kooky Tuason, Ginny Mata, Raul Roco Jr., Charms Tianzon, Nina Terol, Megan Aguilar), Kenyo, Joniver Robles, and acoustic sets
contact,, or

*Taken By Cars, 6 Cycle Mind, Razorback, Nyko Maca + PLAYgROUND + Juno Oebanda, Macky of Tribo Manila + others will also be playing during one of these dates.

You may also join the facebook group called FOR OUR BELOVED ANABEL for any information about her. To read about the blogpost of one of her closest friends, Kat, click here.

These were some of the bands who performed tonight at Big Sky Mind:

The Dawn – On Photo: Jett Pangan (vocals), JB Leonor (drums) and Buddy Zabala (bass)

The Dawn – On photo: Francis Reyes (guitars)

Cambio – On photo: Kris Dancel-Gorra (vocals), Buddy Zabala (bass) and Raymund Marasigan (drums)

Cambio – On photo:Diego Mapa (guitars, vocals) and Raymund Marasigan (drums)

Peryodiko – On photo: Vin Dancel (vocals,guitars), Simon Tan (bass), Kakoy Legaspi (guitars) and Ace Billano (drums)

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