Rock Ed’s “The Girl Code” Project and the Launch of Duster’s Sweetheart Snackbar

with Gasulina playing in the background

Growing up as a young girl in our society is not that easy. Culturally, there are expected behaviors a little girl should know but sometimes (or most of the time), these expected behaviors become controlling factors in our decisions in life. As we all know, different socialization agents influence us and mold us to who we are now. Socialization agents are significant people in our lives (or most likely the first individuals who we encounter as a child) such as parents, teachers and peers. Not all the time they are saying the ‘right thing’, but because of normative conditions, sometimes adolescent girls are misinformed and would think that it is the ‘absolute truth’ with no room for change.

Veda playing the violin

Veda Mangalubnan-Zabala, daughter of Buddy Zabala (of the Eraserheads) and Earnest Mangalubnan-Zabala, playing the violin (photo by Karla Redor). She was given a talent fee by Rock Ed so that she would know the importance of hard work. According to parents, this will go to her college fund 😉 .

Sha and Gang

This was me answering Gang’s question “What advice would you give to a little girl that wasn’t told by your parents when you were a little child?” and for that, I won a Body Shop goodie bag. Super thanks Gang! (photo by Karla Redor)

This is the reason Rock Ed (or Rock ED Philippines launched the Girl Code Project, an alternative education class to educate girls who are growing up in a society like ours. This is one way also to help parents on socializing their young girls to become responsible adults in the future. The event was held last February 20th at the Eastwood Central Plaza. There were bands who performed for the said event such as Gasulina, Mozzie and Playphonics. In line of empowering little girls is the launch of Duster’s debut album “Sweetheart Snackbar”.

Duster being interviewed - 2

Duster being Interviewed by MTV (photo by Karla Redor)

Duster showcased some of their songs in their album and of course they played their current single “Dek-A-Doodle-Dandy” (popularly known as the Adik Song hehe). This event also showed the video of their current single.

The album contains 14 tracks, most of the lyrics were written by Raymund Marasigan and Lourd de Veyra. Actually, the band is like the female version of the band Pedicab. Just a little background about them, the name Duster has been in Myrene Academia’s head for a long time and has been reserving that for an all-girl band. There were some unused lyrics by Raymund and Lourd so these were used in Duster’s entourage. These are the tracks included in the album (very unique song titles 😉 ) :

Gucci Gang
QC Girls
Miss Me
Sexxing The Cherry
Janice, Janice
Retail Therapy

My most favorite is Automatrimonia because it highlights the woman’s decision to give importance to one’s self.

Dressed in lace, soft and white
All made up splendid and bright
Yellow flowers, golden ring
Center of joy is just one thing
Imaginary limo the ride of her life
In her mind the bells ring bright
Scent of love in for bloom
Empty room, absent groom
Girl in mirror floating in dust
Slowly dissolving in the mist of lust
Shattered pictures on the broken shelf
Says “I do!” to no one but herself
Outside the skies are gray and bleak
Crimson tears went down her cheek

I’m getting married to myself
(by Raymund Marasigan and Lourd de Veyra)

The irony of this song is that it was written by men. Now the question is, can men also be feminists themselves? I studied in an exclusive girl school almost all my life, with feminism almost being imposed upon us and when I went to college, I was trying to contemplate on the different kinds of feminism. I remember when I took a course on Sociology of Religion (under Prof. Gerry Lanuza), my professor then tasked me to report on a book by Mary Daly entitled “Beyond God the Father”. He tasked me to report about that because he knew that I came from a feminist institution before. Upon reading that book and also researching the background of Mary Daly, that question of men being feminists came into my mind. Mary Daly was a radical feminist thus in this perspective, men cannot be feminists. I understand that it is really difficult to know the inner-feelings of a woman if you’re not one but it seems that these men (Raymund and Lourd) were able to give justice to woman’s deep-inner thoughts.  I hope that the Duster girls will be able to write lyrics on their next album because I know that they are good lyricists and musicians themselves. It is also one way of influencing young women who admire them to write their own songs.

Anyway, my post is going way, way deeper. You may now avail  Duster’s album from different record bars and please do catch them on their gigs 🙂

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