Rock the Riles 2009 Begs Justice for Maguindanao Victims

Gang Badoy of Rock Ed at Rock the Riles 09

Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines

Rock the Riles is the biggest event of Rock Ed Philippines which happens every year. For the past years, I have been wanting to be part of this event but unfortunately, due to some reasons, could not make it. But now, I really made sure that I will be able to attend this timely event.

Rock the Riles happens every Sunday which is closest to Human Rights Day. This is composed of 8 simultaneous concerts and film showings in MRT stations such as Taft, Ayala, Buendia, Boni, Shaw, Cubao, Quezon Avenue and North Avenue.  I volunteered to be part of the event and decided to stay at the Shaw MRT Station. I was there at around 2:30 pm and stayed until the last band, Paramita, played at 7:30 pm. The permit was until 7 pm but some stations such as Shaw Blvd, Ayala, Buendia and Cubao had to go overtime. Some bands in Cubao and Buendia Stations weren’t able to continue to play because the MRT officials there had to pull the plug. Glad that Shaw Blvd and Ayala Station bands were able to finish performing; well it’s really the prerogative of each station manager.

With the recent Maguindanao Massacre, this event became very timely to beg for justice for the slain individuals. Everybody (not just the artists who performed) expressed their rage on the massacre. As what Gang Badoy had tweeted, “Rock the Riles is one big organized “grabe kayo” bad finger.” The good thing is that people “rocked” safely and peacefully. No violence is needed to express one’s discontentment.

Congratulations to Rock Ed Philippines and hoping to rock the riles again next year!

The Lowtechs at Rock the Riles 09

The Lowtechs

Mia and Suzie - hosts of Rock the Riles 09

Mia and Suzy of Magic 89.9

Playphonics at Rock the Riles 09


Justice for Mindanao poster

Mich and Quark of Us-2-Evil-0 at Rock the Riles 09

Mich Dulce and Quark Henares of Us-2-Evil-0

Sugarfree at Rock the Riles 09


Kris and Ebe of Cambio at Rock the Riles 09

Kris Dancel and Ebe Dancel of Cambio

Zach Lucero at Rock the Riles 09

Zach of Zach Lucero and the Action Pact

Katwo Puertollano at Rock the Riles 09

Katwo Puertollano of Duster

Aia of Imago at Rock the Riles 09

Aia de Leon of Imago

Raymund of Sandwich at Rock the Riles 09

Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich

Gaijin at Rock the Riles 09

Jessie Grinter of Gaijin

Ernville at Rock the Riles 09
Jim Bacarro of Ernville

Shinji Tanaka of SLEX at Rock the Riles 09

Shinji Tanaka of SLEX

Vin Dancel of Peryodiko at Rock the Riles 09

Vin Dancel of Peryodiko

Monsterbot at Rock the Riles 09
Glen San Agustin of Monsterbot

Ria of Paramita at Rock the Riles 09

Ria of Paramita

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