Saguijo Virgin No More!

Another bumming moment with Karla today! hehe.. After work, my teammates and I decided to go to starbucks and just hang out. Well, I actually initiated that since I know I will be waiting for Karla to finish her work and will be able to meet up with me by 6 pm. So my teammates left eventually while Karla and I still continued to hang out at Starbucks. Then had dinner at Mixxlada then hung out in Greenbelt. We have to really do something cause we’re waiting for John ( Karla’s ex-officemate) to arrive so that we could all go to Saguijo to watch a gig sponsored by Nu 107’s In the Raw.

It was my first time to be in Saguijo.. I must say it was my virgin moment. hehe. The bands that performed were Traumaligno ( I got ur cd guys! hehe listened to it, ganda! astig!), Ursa Minor, Paraluman and Queso. Well unfortunately we weren’t able to catch Traumaligno and Paraluman. We only got to see Ursa Minor and Queso. With Queso, i’m glad that I was able to catch their performance of Mottaka.. Cool! Just had 2 beers, 1 can of red horse and a bottle of San mig light. I arrived home abt 2 am.

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